EzerYO at the 2nd Hungarian Gettogether

Have you ever tasted Ezerjó? It is an indigenous Hungarian grape almost exclusively grown in Mór wine region, the second smallest wine region. It is hard to „tame” it because of its relatively high acidity, but in good hands it can give great wines. And even sparkling wines: Krisztina Csetvei made a méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine, of course, of Ezerjó. What’s more, she has released her first artisan beer, again with a touch of Ezerjó wine! EzerYO, the IPA type of craft beer is made by 972 Brewery, flavoured with grapefruit and Csetvei Ezerjó. Available only in very limited quantity, the best is to try it at Csetvei Garden on 16 August along with wines from 15 wineries at the 2nd Hungarian Gettogether. Bus transfer is provided (for less then 5 euros) from Budapest. The event is free for invited wine professionals. If you are interested but not invited yet, write to us! Other exhibiting wineries: Babarczi (Pannonhalma), Borbély (Badacsony), Csányi/ Teleki (Villány), Etyeki Kúria (Etyek), Hilltop (Neszmély), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja), Sabar (Badacsony), Taschner (Sopron), TR Winery (Tokaj), Tornai Winery (Somló), Tóth Ferenc (Eger), Vesztergombi (Szekszárd), Zsirai Winery (Tokaj). The tasting takes place from 3 pm to 9 pm, and then the afterparty begins. For the afterparty a ticket is to be purchased (5000 HUF), but the band on stage is really worth it! Bori Péterfy has a unique voice and style, the night will be unforgettable!

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