Fehérvári Wine Estate, Somló, Hungary

Fehérvári Wine Estate

The renewal of a historic estate

The connection between the Fehérvári family and Somló wine region dates back to 1545. Together with the family estate, the knowledge and experience accumulated during generations is passed down from father to son following tradition. Just like the love, gratitude and responsibility we felt for Somló. This deep attachment is felt in our relationship to grapes, wine, and the people of the area.
In the 20th century, the male members of our family had the opportunity to gain a wider knowledge of the world and to introduce the related developments in Hungarian winemaking. This innovative approach has resulted in unbroken, increasingly intensive development over three generations and we will do our utmost to ensure that it continues in the future.
The renewal of the winery has begun in 2019 with a whole new perspective and selected professionals. Our goal is to show that Fehérvári Wine Estate is able to become a key player in Hungarian wine market on a small scale by creating something completely new and unique on the border of innovation and tradition.
The winery has nearly 30 hectares which makes it the 3rd biggest winery of Somló mountain.

Fehérvári Petit Somló white blend wine Hungary

Somló – a small jewelry box

Nagy-Somló wine region is like a small jewelry box on the table of Hungarian wine culture. It is beautiful in appearance, carefully crafted, yet its true beauty and uniqueness lies in its contents and details.
The taste of the wines made here is unique. This landscape is the smallest historical wine region in Hungary, halfway between Lake Balaton and Sopron. It is like a link: the essence of the people living in it and the surrounding areas at the same time.
The diversity of the Somló soil, which is formed by an exciting mix of basalt tuff, Pannonian sand, loose loess and brown forest soil, is reflected in the complexity of the wines grown here. Somló wines can offer something new for themselves many times.
Here, as a common heart of many small wineries, they work together to protect, cultivate and develop the area. On this soil, the traditions of bygone ages meet the innovative approach of the new generation of winemaking. And the experience abroad, together with the domestic expertise, conveys the importance of the contacts through well-distinguished, exclusive wines.

The people behind the wines

András Fehérvári, owner – Father, brother and son in a family where community and the preservation of traditions are values and the transfer of knowledge and experience is a family tradition. For whom Somló has always been home. He is also an engineer and a qualified winemaker, who believes that it is worthwhile to innovate only in harmony with nature, building on the authentic characteristics of the area. He believes that preserving and passing on the winemaking values of Somló to posterity is just as important as financial interests.

Ákos Kamocsay, chief winemaker – He is a nationally and internationally known winemaker who has been judging at one of the world’s most prestigious wine competitions for more than a decade and a half. Columnist member of the Hungarian National Wine Expert Committee. In addition, he is a trainer, wine consultant, and, by the way, he lives and dies for Somló. He considers it important to show the wines and sparkling wines of Somló a completely new, light, easy-to-understand face through the products of the Fehérvári Wine Estate.

David Bourdaire, Expert consultant of champagne production – Champagne master, owner and manager of Champagne Bourdaire-Gallois, who supervises and supports the Fehérvári Wine Estate’s sparkling wine production as an external expert.

Attila Tomor, Estate and viticulture manager – For more than two decades, Attila Tomor, estate and viticulture manager, has nurtured, cared for, and supervised the vineyards of the Fehérvár Wine Estate with outstanding expertise and love. His work is an integral part of the small successes we have experienced every day for the past twenty years. His tasks include the creation, maintenance, cultivation and plant protection of new and existing plantations. This includes the maintenance of the machinery park, the management of the viticultural workers, and periodically – during the harvest and bottling season – he also contributes to the performance of winemaking tasks.

Péter Pacher, Sales director – Experienced sales professional who is also a trained winemaker. He is constantly working to make the products of the Fehérvári Wine Estate, and thus also the tastes of Somló, widely known and accessible to wine and sparkling wine fans both domestically and internationally.

More information and contact

Fehérvári Wine Estate
8483 Somlószőlős, Somlóhegy hrsz: 2578, HUNGARY
Péter Pacher sales director
Tel.: +36 30 251 3767


Fehérvári Somlói Tramini Reserve 2021

Our Tramini is recommended for those who like gastronomic specialties. The scent of Tramini Reserve is intense, rich and varietal. Each sip is a real flavour-journey, as the rose oil and rich aromas go down a perfect dance with the classic minerality of Somló lurking in the background. The ageing in wooden barrels awakens the soul of the wine, at the same time giving it a sophisticated softness, which only makes the overall effect even more spicy. The richness of the Tramini Reserve connects people, distant landscapes: whoever tastes it, returns to it again and again.


Fehérvári Somlói Juhfark Reserve 2021

Juhfark Reserve is the wine of purposeful eccentrics who are not bound by conventions because they know what they want and are never afraid to start over. They are unique, special and not boring at all, just like the rich, characteristic taste of Juhfark Reserve. In its scent, stony minerality and tropical fruits appear at the same time, which immediately tempts you to distant landscapes. In addition to peaches and pears, the taste is enriched by ripe acids, and the smokiness of the wooden barrel also appears in the background. In Juhfark Reserve, a real cosmopolitan drink combining the unadulterated features of Somló with the forward-thinking spirit of Hungarian tradition and foreign wine culture was born: extravagant and sophisticated at the same time, which only becomes more complete during bottle maturation.


Fehérvári Somlói Furmint Reserve 2021

Who hasn’t wished on a quiet, sunny weekend morning or in the midst of the most beautiful moments of vacation that they could take the happiness of these moments with them to the darker days? Our 2021 Reserve Furmint, with its special taste and creamy roundness, is like summer in a bottle. Its characteristic aroma of figs, pears and spicy aniseed takes us back to our summer memories, while its rich fruitiness perfectly harmonizes with the presence of the barrel and mature acids.


Fehérvári Petit Somló 2021

Petit Somló is the real essence of Somló wine region. In it, the freshness of the popular Juhfark plays with the spiciness and lush fruitiness of the varieties grown on our most beautiful vineyards, which is completed by the delicacy of the aromas in wooden barrels. In its scent, the memory of our grandparents’ loved, well-kept garden shines.

Fehérvári Rosé Brut Reserve


Forget conventions! Dare to be yourself, dare to play! Leave the barriers behind: our Reserve Brut Rose rosé sparkling wine is a celebration of freedom given by self-confidence. You see the world differently through its bright pink colour. In its aroma, ripe cherries, cherries and rosehips perform a dance of joy, which is made even more exciting by aromas of biscuits and toast. In the sip, a fruity, flattering roundness teases with the buttery brioche character. Its complex, rich, yet refreshing, long aftertaste ends with grapefruit tartness. Its vibrant, creamy foam and freshness will invigorate you and shake you up from everyday life.


Fehérvári Brut Reserve


Our Reserve Brut sparkling wine carries both the exclusivity of traditional sparkling wines and the innovative curiosity of our winery. An exciting specialty that offers a wonderful sight as moonlight pearls in the glass with a yellow colour. In its complex aroma, juicy peaches, pears and citrus appear at the same time, with toasty, mature aromas in the background. Its fruitiness creates harmony with the biscuit flavours, which end with a creamy finish. A real reimagined classic.


Fehérvári Somlói Brut Nature Furmint 2020


The self-forgetfulness of summer evening parties emerges from all the flavours of our Reserve Brut Nature 2020 Furmint sparkling wine. In its fresh aroma, the toasted bread crust characteristic of traditional sparkling wines appears, which is complemented by Furmint’s citrusy, summer apple notes. Its airy lightness is enriched by bright acids, and the minerality of Somló can be seen in its long aftertaste. A sip is at once refreshing and silky, like the caress of the morning breeze on the way home at the end of a fun night.


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