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Restaurant Week on 9–15 October

If you plan to travel to Hungary and the date is not fixed yet, you might adjust your travel to the secont week of October, to have great meals at good prices! Nationwide Restaurant Week is being organized for the 13th time in Hungary, and by now it has become a popular project to draw attention to the improvement in gastronomy in the country. It is often heard that while „wine revolution” in the 90s revolutionized winemaking and wine consumption became trendy, gastronomy still have its problems, usually the quality of ingredients, the difficulties of finding a stabile vendor. Bocuse d’Or chef contest showed signs of improvement: Hungarian chefs have become finalists in recent years, and in 2016 Hungarian team became European champion! DiningCity Restaurant Week is therefore an important initiative to raise awarness of improvement in gastronomy.

140 restaurants throughout the country

Restaurant Week will take place on 9–15 October, and advanced booking starts on 20 September. Restaurants will design 3 course menus to show their best dishes through their most ambitious meals. Menus will cost only 3300 HUF (11 euros), or in some of the most exclusive places a gourmet menu will cost 4900 HUF (16 euros). For more more information, the list of restaurants and booking, visit the official website of Restaurant Week

Three tips to choose from the list

Múzemum Café and Restaurant is situated in the heart of Budapest, next to Hungarian National Museum, the biggest collection of Hungarian historic relics. The restaurant has been operating since 1885. The enterior takes us to long gone years, but the kitchen is equipped with the most modern machinery, thus the tradititional recipes are made in 21st century perfection. The wine list consists of Hungarian wines only, but with a great selection. Some wines are available by the glass, for example the beautiful Nagyapám Kadarka by Eszterbauer Winery from Szekszárd. If you prefer a rosé, try the unique, Cannes award winning Nero Rosé by Koch Winery – Nero is a grape variety rarely used elswehere.

Peppers! is situated by the bank of the river Danube, on the  Danube Promenade. The trendy bistro restaurant belongs to five star Hotel Marriott, but dining here is a relaxed experience with a spectacular open grill. The name peppers! refers to the most important ingredient of Hungarian traditional cuisine: the red pepper, and it suggests that peppers! respects the country despite of being part of an international hotel chain. The wine list also represents this philosophy with a good selection of Hungarian wines, almost all of them available by the glass. Haraszthy Irsai Oliver dry white aromatic wine is a good start, and then you can try the two best Pinot Noir wines in Hungary: Etyeki Kúria Pinot Noir and Mundus Vini gold winner Kovács Nimród Winery 777 Pinot Noir.

The name of the restaurant is a pun: the Hungarian word ’vár’ has double meaning. When it’s a noun, it means castle, and the restaurant is situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Castle District of Buda. When it’s a verb, it means ’await’. ’Speiz’ is a Swabish word meaning pantry, so it is a restaurant of the castle which awaits you with its great pantry of stunning ingredients. Its quality is recognized among others by Michelin Guide (recommended Good Value restaurant). It has a good selection of Hungarian wines, for example you can start with a Kreinbacher Extra Dry méthode traditionelle sparkling wine, then you might try a Burgundy style Kovács Nimród Chardonnay (by the glass as well) and with the main course a subtle Sausca Cuvée 7 from Villány.


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