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Fine Hungarian wines in Romania, the Czech Republic and Poland

Winelovers of these three countries will have several opportunities to taste Hungarian wines and deepen their knowledge in the next three years due to a new initiative. The four founders of Fine Wines Association has a clear concept and strategy: Fine Wines Association (FWA) was established with the goal of educating wine lovers, wine professionals and visiting tourists about the merits of Central and Eastern European wines and in particular Hungarian wines. Hungary is a country with a remarkable history in viticulture and wine production but when it comes to international markets it is still only an up-and-coming player. The rich diversity of local varieties and terroirs has not been explored by the rest of the world yet.
The four members are the following estates:
Etyeki Kúria (Upper Pannon Wine Region: Etyek-Buda & Sopron
Tóth Ferenc Winery (Upper Hungary wine region: Eger)
Tokaj-Hétszőlő Organic Vineyards (Tokaj wine region: Tokaj)
Vida Péter Szekszárd (Pannon Wine Region: Szekszárd)

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Anna Gézárt and Vince Nagy (Etyeki Kúria), Katalin Tóth (Tóth Ferenc Winery, Péter Vida, Gergely Makai (Tokaj Hétszőlő) and Éva Barta (Tóth Ferenc Winery). Photo: Viktor Korsós

What are the goals of FWA?

The realization that led to the foundation of FWA was that by joining forces they can inform consumers more efficiently about Hungarian geographical indications, the system of controlled designations of origins, wine regions and their typical wines. By acquainting yourself with the wines of FWA members you can find out about local varieties, traditional blends, diverse styles and the specific characters of Hungarian wine regions. Our current target markets are Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania.
As the first steps of the 3 year strategy FWA created a brochure, which is available in 4 languages: English, Romanian, Polish and Czech. The association plan to hold several tastings in Poland and participate in wine exhibitions like RoVinHud in Romania.
The brochure is a massive source of information for students, sommeliers and other players of the wine scene, since it does not introduce only the FWA estates and wines, but gives basic information about the wine regions, number of hectares, grape varieties, soil types and about styles – for instance Tokaji Aszú production is explained clearly in a short chapter.
The brochure is free to download in any of the four languages:

More about Fine Wines Association

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