Furmint can cope with red meat!

We have had lunch at St Andrea Skybar in Budapest with Juliet Victor wines from Mád (Tokaj), and the food and wine pairings were so great that they should be taught at sommelier schools. 3 courses, 3 wines, infinite harmony.

Instant sightseeing tour

How can you show a city to your guests when you have no time at all? St Andrea Skybar is the perfect solution: the panoramic terrace on the 6th floor offers view of all parts of the Hungarian capital. Sightseeing done in 5 minutes – so let’s sit down and enjoy a „panoramic dinner”.

Juliet Victor Király Furmint, 2017

Our starter was Scottish salmon, cucumber, wasabi and joghurt with a touch of coriander. Refreshing and diverse flavours, they claim a refreshing yet complex wine. JV dry Furmint shows lovely pear, apple and even quince notes on the nose and in the aftertaste as well, and the noble minerality lifts the wine up and makes it an ideal companion of the starter.

Juliet Victor Betsek Furmint, 2017

The main course was a perfectly made omaha flank steak with smashed potatoes flavoured with truffles. The meal is a treat itself, but the wine pair, another dry Furmint made the experience truly unforgettable. Betsek Furmint was made exactly like Király Furmint, still the wines are absolutely different. Betsek boasts with rich minerality, even salty tones. Lemon, lime, grapefruit and herbaceous notes. And indeed! The wine was a dream partner of the meal in spite of the strong flavours of the latter one – or because of these flavours. We highly recommend it to every connoisseurs!

Juliet Victor Szamorodni, 2016

Our dessert was feather lightand pampering at the same the time: milk rice, “blonde chocolate” and peach. It needed a feather light and pampering wine, and JV Szamorodni fulfilled all the requirements. Lovely nose with apricot, lemon, lemon grass, chamomile and a hint of mint, and the palate is finely elevated by the vibrant acidity– which perfectly balances the 188 g residual sugar.

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