Another perfect match: Furmint and Japanese Temaki

Pairing wine and food happens all the time, but perfect pairings are rare. Furmint is an extremely versatile grape variety, and it is proved with every pairing. While yesterday we presented an a stunning match of Furmint and tapas, now a far more exotic pairing is introduced: Furmint and Ebi Ten Temaki (Fried Shrimp funnel). Juliet Victor estate is one of the newest wineries in Mád, the iconic village of Tokaj wine region, and soon it has become a big hit with enourmous success. Single vineyard selection Betsek Furmint 2017, the wine pair of the trendy temaki created by Fuji Japanese Restaurant comes from historical Betsek vineyard, one of the most magical vineyards of Tokaj. Within the enchanting surrounding of the Betsek territory, 3 hectares of vineyard with a 40 years of history can be found. The grapevine has perfect solar resource due to its wide line spacing and south row direction, grapes mature the earliest within this territory in particular. Because of the white ‘riolittufa’ rocks, we are able to harvest extraordinarily mineral and complex crops. This special place is the cradle of our 2017 venomous, sophisticated and spicy Furmint, named after the vineyard, with long minerally finish, smooth texture and good fruits intensity. Since Hungary is open now, Juliet Victor opens its gate as well, the first event held is on 23 May to celebrate Saint Orban, patron of vineyards. The event is safe with respecting the objective “social distancing”, since not many people with gather in one place, at one time. The event is rather relaxed: cellars – and terraces – are open, no advanced booking is necessary, guests are welcome at 8 member wineries of The Circle of Mád (Mádi Kör), namely, Árvay, Barta, Budaházy, Holdvölgy, Juliet Victor, Pelle and Royal Tokaji.

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