Garden party at Csetvei Cellar

25 May, Mór, Hungary

Mór is tiny town not far from capital, and Csetvei Cellar is situated within the town in an old building. Krisztina Csetvei, the owner and her husband – Frici, alias DJ Nesta– often organize garden parties, but so far these parties should end early not to disturb neighbours. To solve the problem, they created a „dream garden” much farther from the street. Csetvei Kert is surrounded by Ezerjó vines, the indigenous grape of Mór wine region. The inauguration party will take place on 25 May with Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra, a Hungarian band famous for their quality world music performance and their lively shows.

„Lángos” and „pálinka”

Csetvei portfolio is wide enough to offer tasting program for all night – for example with the trilogy called Kő–Papír–Olló (Rock, paper scissors)Olaszrizling grape vinified in three different ways. Baba Rosé is a light hearted rosé, lovely in a hot evening, Ezerjó new vintage is also a must to taste, exciting, complex, juicy with endless flavours. Napholdcsillag (Sun-moon-star) blend is the eternal favourite, the star of the winery, cannot be left out. Food will also be sold: hot dog and Hungary’s favourite streetfood called „lángos”. Lángos is a salty piece of fried dough eaten with different toppings, mostly with garlic oil or sour cream and grated cheese. Pálinka is the most important spirit of ours, a protected origin product made of 100% Hungarian fruit and must be distilled in Hungary. Czetis Ház is a well known distillery with great quality products. Do not miss their gold winning pálinkas made of grape: Yellow Muscat and Zenit.

Tickets cost 5000 HUF/ person (16 euros) and include a welcome wine.

Register here:

Opening hours: 16.30–3.30

PASO – music to cheer your soul

Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra will make you dance even if you had not planned to be the king of the dance floor… Listen to them here and then in Mór:


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