Gere Frici rose sparkling wine Villány Hungary

Gere Frici – refreshing company in the heat of August

Who is Frici? “A man from a family with reputation, but he does not take after anyone, you will like it for his own personality”. The aerated sparkling wine of A. Gere Winery has a white and a rosé version, and listen! The white is already sold out! Grab some bottles of Frici Rosé 2022 until it is too late.

Frici – frizzante “a la Villány”

Frici is the short version of the Hungarian first name ‘Frigyes’ or ‘Ferenc’, but it also refers to frizzante, the Italian way of bubbles. A. Gere Frici Rosé is made of several Villány black varieties from the Nagyharsány vineyard of the estate with 37 year old vines. “Lively rose hue, fine bubbles. Crispy and fresh in the nose – raspberry and redcurrant dominate. Well ripen red berries in its taste, really full sip, nicely integrated carbon dioxide bubbles which are closed by a ripe and long lasting aroma. Acids are fine, bubbles are discrete leaving the main role to the fruits.” There is a tiny bit of residual sugar to make it more “amabile” (3.2 g/L), and with only 11% alcohol Frici is a superb refreshment in the heat of the summer. Though in Hungary we experience on of the coldest and rainiest summers of the past decades…

Frici Spritz with strawberry

A. Gere Winery is happy to share their way of Frici Spritz – Frici sparkling wine with some more bubbles. For Frici Straberry Spritz crush 2-3 strawberries in a glass, add a drop of sugar syrup and a drop of lemon juice to make the flavour or strawberries more intense. Add ice cubes, 10 ml of Gere Frici Rosé and a “spritz” of soda water. Serve it with some fresh mint leaves.
Attention! Frici White is already sold out! If you want some Frici, get some Frici Rosé until you can!

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Gere Frici Spritz Strawberry Villány Hungary

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