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Rosalia Festival is a joyous outdoor wine event dedicated exclusively to rosé and sparkling wines – but the emphasis is on the crispy, fresh, pink delicacies. On 15–17 May around 70 wineries will present their new vintage rosé wines along with some older ones. The event is free of charge, visitors pay for the wines they taste and they have to buy a festival tasting glass. Let us recommend some of the exhibitors!

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Dúzsi Family Winery, Szekszárd – the king has a new crown

Tamás Dúzsi, founder of the winery has been dubbed as Rosé King, because of his passion for rosé wines. He was among the first ones to consider rosé much more than a side product. He claimed that rosé needs attention and in many ways a great rosé is more complicated to make – the winemaker has less tools to mask the wine. The new super premium rosé of the winery comes from the great 2017 vintage. The grape was harvested late (even Botrytis cinerea was present), but the wine is dry. The bottle is a special, premium bottle resembling the bottles of Provence rosés.

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Haraszthy Winery, Etyek – superlative crispiness

Etyek is a relatively cool climate wine region of Hungary, Pinot Noir feels good here. Haraszthy Winery makes its rosé of the delicate Burgundian variety every year. The vintage 2019 is again a beautiful example of the variety. The bouquet is led by strawberry enhanced with raspberry and blueberry fragrance. Fruityness dominates on the palate with elegant crisp acidity. Remarkable, long aftertaste. Perfect match with cold cuts and salami. Rosé reveals well umami and savory character.”

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Koch Winery, Hajós–Baja – Winemaker of the Year

Csaba Koch is the actual Winemaker of the Year (the award ceremony took place in December). He is keen on organic viticulture, what is more he has developed his own canopy management system called “Happy Grape”. He has a whole portfolio of rosé wines: Frisch Rosé (Best Rosé of VinAgora 2019) is a crispy blend, Kékfrankos Rosé 2019 is made of 100% Blaufrankisch grape, he has a Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé from Hajós–Baja wine region and Cabernet–Merlot–Kékfrankos blend from Villány. But probably the most peculiar is Nero Rosé made of a resistant grape variety called Nero. “The wine is made of manual harvested grapes, the nose is subtle, sweetish, unique while the palate is elegantly fruity and spicy.”

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Eszterbauer Winery, Szekszárd – Joy of life

Eszterbauer Winery is famous for its respect for tradition in philosophy and on the labels. Each wine is a story told by the members of the family today, about the predecessors long gone. The Rosé Cuvée is called Öröm (‘Joy’) and the label shows the owners grandparents during harvest. “Love at first sight! We hope our dry, strawberry and sage spiced Rosé brings you some of this joy.” Crunchy, vivid acidity guarantees the spring freshness of this rosé. The Eszterbauers also make a rosé of Nero grape, it is worth tasting Napszámos (‘Day-Laborer’) as well to compare the two wines of this unique variety.

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Bock Cellar – serious lightness

The Villány icon winery makes a different style of rosé – with huge success. Last year Bock Rosé Cuvée 2018 was awarded the Best Rosé at the National Wine Competition. A rosé wine made from the pure must of different black grape varieties from the Mediterranean vineyards of Villány by using controlled fermentation. It has a medium intensity of colour characterized by salmon pink; strawberry appears in its bouquet and flavour, accompanied by a pleasant acidity. It is carbonated prior to being bottled.

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