Gubac, a top Merlot at Michelin star Babel Budapest

As we reported at the end of last year, Hungary is one of the three leading countries of the former Eastern Bloc according to Michelin Guide. Babel Budapest is a one Michelin star fine dining restaurants, and it was also chosen the Restaurant of the Year by Decanter magazine in 2017. Gubac is a single vineyard Merlot from Szekszárd by Szeleshát estate – and another reason to choose Babel.

The sommelier champion about Gubac

Norbert Nádházi is the latest sommelier champion (Hungarian Sommelier Association) in Hungary and he is actually the head sommelier of Babel Budapest. We have tasted Gubac and we love it, no wonder we were curious about the food pairing idea by the champion. As Norbert commented, he is fascinated by Gubac, and due to its dominant strawberry and vanilla notes he would go for venison with cranberries and mushrooms.
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Gubac – Merlot from the south

The hilly Gubac vineyard is located in the southernmost part of the Szekszád hills. It has a special microclimate, which is ideal for the Merlot variety. 2018 is the first bottled vintage, it was hand harvested and stainless steel tank fermented. 60% of the wine was aged in new Hungarian oak barrels for 18 months.

More about Szeleshát

Szeleshát winery Szekszárd

Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary – leading gastro players in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc

Michelin does not include some of the former Eastern Bloc countries in its guide: Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina restaurants are not rated by Michelin inspectors. It may sound playing with the numbers, but we can say that the gastronomy of Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary is rated the highest in Michelin Guide. Croatia has more recommended restaurants, but Hungary has more stars (11 altogether). Croatia also has the most restaurants with distincion: 24. Slovenia also has 11 stars, 23 restaurants with distinction, but Hungary has more recommended restaurants altogether.

Hungarian Michelin stars

2 stars
– Stand, Budapest
– Platán, Tata
1 star
– Babel, Budapest
– Bistro 42, Esztergom
– Borkonyha, Budapest
– Costes, Budapest
– Essencia, Budapest
– Rumour, Budapest
– Salt, Budapest
Green star (sustainable gastronomy)
– Almalomb, Hosszúhetény
– Grefl Major
– Onyx Műhely, Budapest
– Salt, Budapest
Bib Gourmand
– Anyukám Mondta, Encs
– Casa Christa, Balatonszőlős
– Kistücsök, Balatonszemes
– Macok, Eger
– Mór 24, Balatonfüred
– Sparhelt, Balatonfüred

All Hungarian recommended restaurants

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