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Happy Birthday, Zsolt Gere!

At the beginning of my career I made a big mistake: I wrote an incorrect caption under Zsolt and his father, Tamás Gere’s photo. There are more winemakers with the name Gere, and it caused some confusion – at least in my head. Long time have passed since that, we have met several times and I had the chance to listen to him a couple of times speaking about his profession, his mission, his passion – winemaking.
This ambitious and creative guy is constantly thinking of new ideas, and – as in many cases – there is a creative woman beside him, who shares his enthusiasm. Éva and Zsolt Gere are planning a cheerful event on the 22 August with some funky and soul music, grilled burgers and of course wines. The recent restrictions allow events under 500 people.
So, to cheer to the birthday of this lovely guy, let’s have a glass of Zsolt Gere wine.
If you can’t, at least read about his thoughts in our recent article about him.
(Written by Ágnes Németh)

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