Zsuzsanna Babarczi Pannonhalma

Happy birthday Zsuzsanna Babarczi!

A merry lady from the hills of Pannonhalma

Though her birthday was two days ago, we are still in time to cheer Zsuzsanna Babarczi – in Hungary we say that birthday wishes are still valid 8 days after… This young, cheerful, lovely lady is always like in the photo above: never tired, never grumpy, always patient, even in the last hour of a tiring day at a wine exhibition.
You can meet her and Babarczi wines on 25 August at the 5th Hungarian Gettogether in Pannonhalma. (If you are a wine professional and would like to participate, contact us!)

Babarczi Bubbles

To the great joy of many winelovers, nowadays almost all Hungarian wineries add a sparkling wine to their range, so do the Babarczi family. ‘Buborczi’ is an aerated sparkling wine made of Cserszegi Fűszeres, Irsai Olivér and Tramini – three aromatic grapes. Due to the cooler climate of Pannonhalma wine region the wine is refreshing with vibrant acidity. “This wine is a unique and exciting blend of the spicy aromas of Cserszegi Fűszeres and Irsai Olivér’s perfumed, elderflower notes. Fine bubbles caress the palate, while its fragrant fruit character and lively acidity make this wine the refreshing drink of the summer.The name Buborczi is a mix of the family name and the word ‘buborék’ meaning bubble.

More about Babarczi Winery and Vineyard

Babarczi Buborczi Pannonhalma

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