Tóth Ferenc Winery harvest in Eger

Harvest with Tóth Ferenc Winery team in Eger on 23 September

Do the dirty job!

Síkhegy is a precious vineyard in Eger wine region, giving stunning Egri Bikavér wines. Harvest is the most important period in the life of a winery, therefore guests should be honoured to get insight in the procedure for one day. Work and fun, tasting grapes, must and wine. Transfer is provided.

Harvesting is not as romantic as you might imagine from the cosy chair of a wine bar. To cut the stalks for hours is hard work, at the end of the day your back aches, you are surrounded by insects who are crazy about your skin covered with sticky grape juice and the sun always shines from the wrong direction. But believe us, if you work hard, after that you will have the most enjoyable glass of wine in your life.

Harvest picnic with Tóth Ferenc Winery

Date and time: 23 September 2023, from 14.00 until sunset (or a bit longer)
Location: Síkhegy vineyard, Eger, Hungary. See map here
– 14.00 Arrival
– 16.00 Harvest games
– 17.00 Wine tasting with 5 Kékfrankos samples by Katalin Tóth
– 18.30 Spectacular fire show ‘Lobbanáspont’ fire juggler team
Participation fee: 2800 HUF / about 7 euros (it includes a welcome glass of Egri Csillag as well)
Participation fee for the Kékfrankos tasting: 7000 HUF / about 18 euros (above the 2800 HUF)
Transfer is provided from Gárdonyi Géza theatre (Eger) to Síkhegy vineyard at several times: 14:30 | 15:15 | 16:00 | 16:45 | 17:30 | 18:15
Transfer costs 1500 HUF / about 4 euros / person
Registration is needed prior to the event. When sending your registration, mention the number of people and in case you need transfer, pick a time and write it in your emal.
Registration: tourism@tothferencpinceszet.hu
– In case you need more information: +36 30 178 7042

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