Gnocchi with bacon, cabbage, sheep curd and Tóth Ferenc Kadarka

Gnocchi with smoked bacon and cabbage ragou & Tóth Ferenc Kadarka

Pasta dishes are often paired with white wine, however this rich and hearty plate is seasoned with some “brindza”, the rich and savoury soft sheep curd. The greasy and strong flavoured sheep curd makes red wine a better choice. Chef Tamás Stiller shows how to make gnocchi with perfect texture and he pairs it with the fruity and spicy Kadarka. Éva Novodomszky renowned Hungarian television speaker was his guest – and it turned out that she had just visited Tóth Ferenc Winery with her friends in a recent wine tour in Eger.

The wine – indigenous Kadarka in dedicated hands

Kadarka gape has always been important for Tóth Ferenc Winery. They were among the first ones to join the initiative called Kadarka Day and recently they had a “friendly duel” with Péter Vida, a Kadarka producer from rival city Szekszárd.
Harvest for Tóth Ferenc Kadarka 2021 was in September. After destemming, fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks with pumping over. After pressing and malolactic fermentation, the wine aged for another year and a half.
“The wine starts with elegant colour and aromas in the glass. Ruby red with fresh fruity notes. Gradually, the wine unfolds a nose of crisp cherries and fine plums. On the palate, cedary and slightly smoky flavours do not overpower the fruit aromas but complement them nicely. Medium long finish, defined by pleasant acidity and barely drying tannins” – wine description by Adél Bernáth-Ulcz wine and chocolate expert.
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Tóth Ferenc Kadarka Eger 2021

The dish – simple and delicious

Gnocchi is available in shops, but the home made version is always better. Tamás Stiller chef emphasizes the importance of cooling down the cooked gnocchi in ice cold water to preserve the texture of them. He fried smoked bacon with finely chopped onion and spring onion and he also added some finely chopped sour cabbage. He mixed it well with the gnocchi and when serving sprinkled it with some pieces of sheep curd.

Watch the making of the dish here (cooking starts at around 8 minutes)

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