Houdini, Rubik, Rambo – Hungarian souls around the world

 There is a saying (not really positive) about us, Hungarians: „if you try to enter a revolving door with a Hungarian behind you, he will still enter in front of you”. Indeed, this small nation has a lot of ambitious members, and since history was often cruel to us, a large part of the population went abroad to realize their dreams. Here is a bunch of people that you might not think of being Hungarian, and of course we will recommend some wines with each genious.

  • Herry Houdini – the greatest escape artist

The word’s most famous escape artist was born in the capital of Hungary, Budapest in 1874. He left the country early with his family and made a strange carrier in the USA, but of course his Hungarian roots followed him. We are all escape artists in a way, though nowadays everyday Hungarian people escape from taxes and other monsters. No wonder, there is an exhibition dedicated to Houdini in the precious Castle of Buda. „Devoted to the greatest magician and escape artist of all time, Hungarian born Harry Houdini, The House aims to present the largest permanent exhibition of Harry Houdini artifacts in Europe and contributes to the preservation of his artistry for the future generations.”
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What to drink to cheer to Houdini: a label with illusions

Tóth Ferenc Winery has just released a new Kékfrankos wine with a special label reminiscent of the nocturnal town of Eger. The design is made by Bence Fajcsák (Color and Code design), and he recommends to see the label in different lights, because it shows different colours for example outside in the sun or inside a room.
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  • László Bíró – the savior of journalists and sweating people

Bíró was also born in Budapest (in 1899), and working as a journalist, he realized that the ink used in the printing houses dries quicker, and this is how the ballpen was born. Being a Jewish he had to escape from Hungary, he went to Paris and then to Argentina. He invented more than 20 things, some of these inventions had serious influence on latter constructions. He created the first roll deo, the ones manufactured now are basically built in the same way. His birthday, 29 September is celebrated in Argentina, it became Día del Inventor (The Day of Inventors).
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What to drink to cheer to Bíró: Argentinian–Hungarian joint venture

Haraszthy Winery is owned by an Argentinian, the steak house of the winery, Matador features the best Argentinian steaks. What’s more, visitors can taste superb Argentinian wines – like Fantastico Malbec – along with the Hungarian wines of the estate. And an extra bit of info: the winery is named after another famous Hungarian, Ágoston Haraszthy, who introduced around 300 European grapes in the United States.
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  • Ernő Rubik – the creator of everyone’s toy

Architect, sculpture Ernő Rubik is another famous Hungarian. He was born in Budapest in 1944, and his father was a renowned engineer. He worked as a professor of architecture when he created Rubik Cube, the world’s best selling puzzle toy. „Space always intrigued me, with its incredibly rich possibilities, space alteration by (architectural) objects, objects’ transformation in space (sculpture, design), movement in space and in time, their correlation, their repercussion on mankind, the relation between man and space, the object and time. I think the CUBE arose from this interest, from this search for expression and for this always more increased acuteness of these thoughts…”
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What to drink to cheer to Rubik: where architecture serves winemaking

State-of-art Lajvér Wine Estate in Szekszárd wine region has a breathtaking building smoothly fitting its surroundings. Harvested grapes can get to the vinification plantation within minutes, and gravity carries the processed grapes gently, naturally. The simple, yet amazing construction hosts the most modern winemaking eqipments. Signum Cuvée is a manifestation of the whole Lajvér phylosophy: „A well-built wine, as yet with no Zen harmony to it, though the opportunity, the potential is definitely there. For now it’s for drinking with heavier meals and enjoying at those year-after-year cellar re-tasting sessions.”
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  • Andy Vajna – father of Rambo

The celebrated Hollywood producer, Andy Vajna died very recently, January this year. He was born in Budapest in 1944 and fled to Canada in 1956, during the Hungarian revolution against Communists. In the USA and also upon his return in Hungary he played an important role in the world of cinema industry. He was the producer of more than 40 movies including the Rambo films, Total Recall, Red Heat, Jacob’s Ladder, Evita, Nixon, Terminator 2, Judge Dredd, Die Hard, Basic Instinct. His Hungarian movie about 1956 revolution and the heroic match of Hungarian water polo team against the Soviet team is also worth watching.
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What to drink to cheer to Andy Vajna

One of his achievement is a fine dining restaurant in Budapest, which is part of the famous Japanese restaurant chain, Nobu. Nobu Budapest has a small selection of Hungarian wines, since Mr Vajna himself loved good wines and fine food. What to drink to commemorate the cinema genious? From Nobu wine list Sauska Birtok Hárslevelű 2012 from Tokaj is an obvious choice. The owner of Sauska is also a man who made his career in the USA, and their wines are excellent ones both from their Tokaj and Villány estate.
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  • Countless Hungarian famous personalities

John von Neumann matematician, Albert Szent-Györgyi Nobel prized doctor, inventor of C vitamin, Eugene Wigner Nobel prized physicist, Tony Curtis actor, George Czukor film director, Joseph Pulitzer, founder of Pulitzer award, Peter Falk alias Columbo, Béla Lugosi actor, Victor Vasarely painter, Robert Capa photographer, Alexander Brody businessman, George Pataki politician, Charles Simonyi software developer and „space tourist” – just a few of our most wellknown mates.
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What to drink to cheer to all Hungarian talents: Attila!

If winelovers in Hungary are asked to name one red wine, it is most likely a wine from Attila Gere, one of the pioneers of winemaking in Hungary after the system of the regime in the 90s. Attila Cuvée is named after the owner – and he is named after Attila, the first ’hun’, a fierce emperor in the 5th century. Attila Cuvée is the flagship wine of the winery – besides Kopar and Solus. „A chance given by the vintage, this wine is a limited selection of the most beautiful new barrique barrels meant for the wines of Kopar Cuvée, Cabernet Franc Selection and Solus Merlot.”
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