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Babele refers to the tower of Babel in the Bible, the reason for the diversity of the globe. Francesca and Mattea, two Italians want to show this miraculous diversity through their travel blog called Their easy-to-read posts and lovely cartoons make the writings entertaining. Recently they have travelled to Budapest and tasted some wines in Faust Wine Cellar, and – as they say – they were fascinated by their guide, the manager of the cellar. Faust Wine Cellar is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Castle district of Budapest, within Hotel Hilton. The cellar offers guided tastings and a some introduction to the wine regions of Hungary. The wine selection focuses on family and artisan wineries, visitors can taste some unique wines, which are not easy to buy. Tóth Ferenc Winery from Eger is also available at Faust Wine Cellar, their Egri Bikavér Superior 2015 is highly recommended: A Superior category Bikavér, a blend of the selection of the best base wines of the winery. Kékfrankos base, the three Bordeaux variety, Pinot Noir and Kadarka got the place in this blend. Deep coloured extremely rich, multi layered Bikavér style. Nice, well riped fruit resulted intense violet and plum aromas on the nose combined with spicy sour and sweet cherry notes. Serious structured rounded wine with long finish and great potential.

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