It’s gonna be an outstanding vintage! – says KNW in Eger

The length of the harvest was quite like the usual period, but this year – due to the unusual heat in summer and earlier in April – grape picking started 2 weeks earlier. Therefore the harvest took one and a half months from 23 August till 5 October and healthy, superb quality fruit was picked – says chief winemaker István Polyák from Kovács Nimród Winery. The flagship Kékfrankos (Blaufrankisch) from the exceptional Nagy Eged mountain was picked early in October and at the end October it was still fermenting. The wine is going to be aged for about 2 and a half years in three different types of barrels: Burgundy, Zemplén (North East Hungary by Europen Coopers) and Mecsek (South West of Hungary by Trust). The Burgundy barrels called Richelieu are made by the renowned Billon company and recommended by the manufacturer especially for KNW Nagy-Egyed Kékfrankos. It is well worth visiting the winery and seeing the experiments with barrels, yeasts etc while wandering around in the labyrinth of the cellar. And of course to taste the Kékfrankos which is available now. Grand Bleu is an amazing Kékfrankos with a witty name (bleu is the French word for blue, and ’kék’ is the Hungarian word in the name of Kékfrankos). The wine is one of the best Kékfrankos one can ever taste in life!„The dense color is followed with concentrated aromas of nutmeg, allspice, black cherry and tobacco. These aromas are continued on the palate by flavors of plum, black cherry and plain chocolate, all tied together with balanced acids and silky tannins.”

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