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You can meet them at Orange Wine Festival on 28 October in Vienna, or you can visit them any time in Etyek, a stone’s throw from Budapest, capital of Hungary. Or if you want to stay in Budapest, you can taste their rosé in one of the fanciest restaurant, called Kollázs. This is Etyeki Kúria, a state of art winery, where something always happen.

Kira – back to the roots

Sándor Mérész, winemaker of Etyeki Kúria has a special project to make wines as natural as possible. Kira 2018 is the latest release of this project: „In his newest experiment Sándor made a natural wine from the local variety Királyleányka, he didn’t add any yeast, or sulphur, and the wine was neither fined nor filtered.”To make sure you get to know it, Etyeki Kúria has chosen it to be the Wine of the Month in October. During this month they offer a complimentary tasting to their Wine Shop guests. The Wine Shop is open at weekends from 11.00 to 17.00.

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Kollázs and their good taste

The team of Kollázs has selected Kúria Rosé to be the rosé wine of the house. And it means a lot, since Kollázs is one of the fanciest restaurants in town located just by the feet of Chain Bridge, within the breathtaking building of Gresham Palace with Four SeasonsHotel. Kollázs is a relaxed place to eat where you can trust Gábor Becker head sommelier and his team to find the best wine pair for your plate. They have for example Gallay white wine from the less known Bükk wine region, they have some magnum red wines, for example from Sauska, and they have a good selection of French wines as well. Kúria Rosé – here Kollázs Rosé – will surely fit many of the dishes, for example the typical Hungarian Chicken Paprikash: „The fresh red berry fruit notes reveal raspberries, redcurrant and wild strawberries. Crispy on the palate with elegant acidity and impressive length.”

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Orange Wine Festival with Etyeki Kúria

One of the largest Orange Wine Festival takes place in Vienna, Austria. The 28 October event will showcase countless white wines of orange colour with prolonged skin contact or maceration, what’s more, this year the exhibition introduces something new: winemakers will also be exhibiting red wines produced using the same method as orange wine. Etyeki Kúria will also participate with their Pinot Gris Orangewine 2017„This time Pinot Gris steps out of its comfort zone, and reveals a yet unknown, new side of its personality. Fermented on the skins and aged in oak barrels, it was not fined nor filtered before bottling. The result: white in another light.”

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