Kissed by a buffalo in Sopron

Do you know what buffalo kiss is? Well, it is a less known type of “fröccs” aka wine spritzer. Fröccs is simply wine and soda water, and it is highly popular in Hungary. The different names refer to the different ratio of wine and soda. The most common is “nagyfröccs” (‘nagy’ means big) with 2 dl wine and 1 dl soda, while “bivalycsók” (‘buffalo kiss’) is quite a hit: 4 dl wine and only 1 dl soda.

Enjoy Sopron with fröccs

As we reported earlier, Sopron wine region has pushed the reset button – some enthusiastic wine people decided to gain new momentum and start promoting the wine region actively. They make videos presenting winemakers and join noble campaigns like plastic free July. They also promote drinking “fröccs” in the heat of the summer, because if you drink fröccs, you consume only water (important for hydration) and 100% fruit – fermented grape juice. As for the fröccs itself, it was created not far from Sopron, in fact it was invented by Ányos Jedlik (he is also the inventor of dynamo) in Győr. First it was called sour water and it was used to cure stomach problems. Though fröccs is so simple, still it is fairly unknown in the world.

If you want to try fröccs, you can download the fröccs app (available both for IOS and Android), and you can discover the differences.

As one of the creator of Fröccs app, Attila Bujdosó says, Fröccs is a tiny-shiny app for iOS and Android in honor of fröccs, the popular drink in Hungary. Wine spritzer, what fröccs translates to, comes in different mixing ratios and there has always been a confusion in people’s mind about all the names and cultural stories linked to them.

Zenit fröccs – the ultimate refreshment

There is only one rule: only good wines must be used for fröccs. If you take a faulty wine and think that soda can help, you are mistaken. You will have more faulty liquid…

Red fröccs exists, but white and rosé are far more common. Zenit is an ideal grape variety for fröccs, because the grapey, juicy flavours are very intensive, thus your drink remains savoury even when diluted by soda water. Kurt Taschner, one of the most well known and ambitious winemakers of Sopron likes this variety very much. His Soproni Zenit is a straw yellow coloured wine full of aromas and flavours that remind us of white flesh peach, honeydew melon, grapefruit and mango. The fresh, fruity associations are accompanied by low alcohol and pleasant, zesty acidity.

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