Krisztina Csetvei, a „master of social media” on IWC webmagazine

Chris Boiling British wine writer is very much aware of the hard work of being a winemaker – he has a vineyard himself in Slovenia, and tough at the beginning he could make only „excellent vinegar”, now he makes proper wines. But his main profession is wine writing, he is a journalist of Canopy, the online magazine of International Wine Challenge. Chris Boiling met Krisztina Csetvei several times and visited her in her Mór cellar. The winewriter was fascinated by Kriszti’s creativity and talent. „It’s her background in marketing and love of winemaking that shines through her wines, the labels and beautifully renovated cellar.”Chris points to the fact that „like most small cellars, her marketing budget is tiny. “Zero,”she corrects.”,and then goes on explaining how Kriszti managed to build a fun base with the help of social media. Apart from learning the impressive story of a young entrepreneur, you can get handy pieces of advice as well. If you want to meet Krisztina in person, take part in the 2nd Hungarian Gettogether on 16 August, because it will be held at her vineyard in Csetvei Garden!

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