Let’s love & wine! Bonfire party with Haraszthy Winery

Haraszthy Winery will host an open air event on 13 April in their Vál vineyard, where the marvellous Love statute is situated. It is a unique,  grandiose statue created by Ukranian artist Alexander Milov. This breathtaking piece of art had been erected in Nevada at Burning Man festival in 2015, but now it shines its message of love in Hungary, it was inaugurated in September 2017. Guests are welcome from 4 pm in the afternoon, no entry fee, but if you want to taste the so called ’bográcsos’ (stew or goulash soup cooked in a large bowl called bogrács on open fire) and some Haraszthy wines, then a humble 2000 HUF is the cost of that (6.5 euros). The sunset is amazing at Vál vineyards with wine in hand!

A busy spring for Haraszthy Winery

Apart from the above mentioned open air event, Haraszty Winery awaits its guests at several other programs, for example they will conduct a tutored tasting of their wines made of international varieties on 30 March at Haraszthy Winery, Etyek (half an hour drive from Budapest). Pinot Noir Rosé 2018, Sauvingon Blanc 2017, Pinot Grigio 2017, Chardonnay 2017, Pinot Noir 2016 plus a surprise sample costs 3900 HUF (13 euros). The tasting is conducted twice, at 11.00 and at 15.00. Spring Picnic in Etyek is another date to save: on 6April the whole village turns into an open air gastro festival full of wines and delicacies. Haraszthy Winery will await its followers at position No20 together with Lajvér Wine Estate from Szekszárd.

Registration for the tutored tasting: info@hvp.hu

More about Etyek Spring Picnic

(The website is in Hungarian, if you need help, write to us: info@hungarianwines.eu)

Schwarzenegger loves Sir Irsai

As we posted earlier, we have learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger, former actor now politician have tasted Haraszthy Sir Irsai in a Los Angeles restaurant, and he liked it so much that he ordered some more! Sir Irsai is blend based on authentic varieties. „A nicely balanced wine manufactured for slow drinking. On the nose, the Irsai Oliver’s muscat and litchi aromas are accumulating with the elderflower characteristic. On the palate, the Királyleányka’s floral and fruity tastes are dominating.”

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