Love is in the air (of the cellar)

Wedding proposal at Kovács Nimród Winery

It was going to be a usual winery visit, the young couple was listening to the introduction of vinification, they were wondering about the mistery of winemaking, however the young boy, Péter seemed to be less attentive, he seemed as if he was looking for something. And indeed he was! He was looking for the perfect venue within the cellar to propose his girlfriend, Edina. He had read about the adventurous life of the owner, Nimród Kovács and his succesful career had inspired him. A marriage that begins between the walls of this winery can only be long lasting and fruitful. So towards the end of the cellar visit – in the bottle ageing cellar where grand cru bottles are maturing – Péter suddenly disappeared, then returned in a tie and with a misterious smile, and then and there he proposed Edina. Thanks God she accepted the proposal!

The taste of love

Monopole Battonage Chardonnay is another love – and success – story of Kovács Nimród Winery. The first barrel was made in 2004, it was an experimental lot, not a single bottle was released to the market. It was the first wine made with stirring the lees aka batonnage. The French word has double ’n’, however in the name of KNW Monopole Chardonnay there is a double ’t’. Now this spelling is an unseparable characteristic of the brand, but this is not the only unique feature. The grape comes from the southern-western slopes of Nyilasmár and the Grand Superior vineyard of Nagyfa. As it is said, spring arrives here first, these parcels are the first where snow begins to melt and snowdrops appear. The wine is a big favourite in the Skandinavian market, but American, Dutch and British winelovers enjoy it as well. During its vintages since 2004 it has been acknowledged at several important contests: Chardonnay du Monde gold medal (2007 and 2012), Wine Enthusiast Gold (2013), World Wine Championships Award Chicago (2013) just to mention some of them.

As they say this wine brings people together, there is no quarrel where it appears, only love, peace and happiness. „Distinct minerality, fresh fruit flavours of pears and apples with light buttery and toasty oak notes. Aged on its lees in small French and Hungarian oak barrels, this Chardonnay has elegant freshness, vivid acids and long harmonious finish.”

Visit the winery!

Kovács Nimród winery is situated in the city of Eger, one of the most popular city in Hungary. Eger is only 120 kilometers from Budapest, you can drive on M3 motorway or you can take an Intercity. The city is famous for its medieval castle and the legendary battle against the Turkish invaders. Eger has a spa and several museums worth visiting.

Kovács Nimród Winery is close to the city centre, in a lovely street of cellars. The winery awaits guests with unforgettable tastings and winery visits.

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