Marianum Cabernet Franc gold medal

Marianum Cabernet Franc

It leaves you craving for another glass…

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Since Michael Broadbent wrote down his famous sencence (“Cabernet Franc has found its natural home in Villány”),Villányi Franc appellation was born and became a reference point of Cabernet Franc wines. However, the variety became more and more important in other wine regions of Hungary. Pannonhalma is the home of Babarczi Family Winery and their stunning Marianum Cabernet Franc.

Marianum refers to the name Mária and is dedicated to the recently passed away mother of the recent generation, wife of the founder. Marianum Cabernet Franc 2019 celebrated its debut with a gold medal at 2021 Berliner Wine Trophy and not it has won a gold medal again at VinAgora international wine contest.

Outmost balance

I had the chance to taste this wine at Hungarian Wine Summit in March, when the invited foreign professionals visited different wine regions, and I was the lucky person to be their tour guide in Pannonhalma. Several producers introduced their wines in one place and the guests all agreed that Pannonhalma is definitely a wine region to watch with several interesing wines.

Marianum is a typical example of Caberet Franc with a basket of berry fruits on the nose (blackberry, blueberry, red currant) and also a lot of spicies, even a hint of oriental spices. It has a decent body, yet, I would say it is more of a sleek beauty than a blockbuster beast. It has its integrated tannins, it has the body, it has pleasant acidity but most of all it has balance, elegance, harmony. A charming Cabernet Franc that leaves you cry for another glass…

A longer stone throw from Budapest

The winery is worth a visit, especially if you like warm, home-like atmosphere. It is not far from Budapest (about 90 minutes). They offer tastings with some local food, cold or warm. In case guests prefer warm meal, 5 wines are presented and they serve pork stew with noodles and pickles to accompany the wines.

Abooking is necessary.

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Zsuzsa Babarczi presenting her wines
Zsuzsa Babarczi presenting her wines

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