Movie Celebrities Drink Hungarian Wines

Did you know that Hungary is famous for its reasonable prices of film production? Several new, up-do-date film studios have been built recently, which attract the best producers and directors. Watch Die Hard No4, you will see the streets of Budapest – though in the plot Moscow is the scenery. We tell you the truth, those Moscow streets and houses are in fact in Budapest. Spy Game with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt was also shot in Hungary – and as a consequence Brad and Angelina were spotted for example in the Michelin star Costes restaurant in Budapest.

At the moment Blade Runner 2 is being produced in Hungary, and thanks to this, Harrison Ford is about to become a frequent guest of many restaurants of Hungary.

Harrison Ford and Peter Cserko

Harrison Ford and Peter Cserko in Pomo D’oro restaurant

One of the places he was photographed is Pomo D’oro restaurant. Yes, it is an Italian restaurant, but we advise you not to judge to early: the owner of Pomo D’oro, Gianni Annoni is trully Italian, however he has been living in Hungary for a long time, and he is wise enough to realize that the treasures of Hungarian wines are worth being shown along with Italian wines.

In Pomo D’oro 150 Italian and 150 Hungarian wines are available any time. Some of this portfolio is more or less constant, but there is an ever changing section as well. Péter Cserkó, the sommelier of the restaurant and Attila Jáhner, the manager are both keen on intruducing craft wines from small regions along with the best known brands.

The one in the picture is from a small winery called Szecskő from Mátra wine region, and as the sommelier reported, Harrison Ford liked it a lot and ordered another bottle!

If you happen to be in Budapest, we suggest you to pop in Pomo D’oro where you can sample hundreds of great wines. Just of few to mention:

  • Csetvei Királyleányka 2015 (a lovely wine for starters from a small, artisan winery from Mór region)
  • Szászi Endre Olaszrizling 2015 (Balaton, Badacsony wine region)
  • Kreinbacher Extra Dry (Méthode Traditionelle sparkling wine from Somló wine region)
  • Imression Rouge, Pfneiszl Vineyard 2009 (a great blend from Sopron wine region)
  • Solus, Gere Attila Winery 2009 (an iconic Merlot from Villány)