Novel Wines co-founder comes to Hungary

György Zsiga is an importer (Danube Wines) of Hungarian wines and co-founder of Novel Wines British wine store. The good news is that he is visiting the 2nd Hungarian Gettogether event on 16 August in Mór wine region, Csetvei Kert. Zsiga is a guest of Zsuzsa Toronyi (Wines of Hungary UK), and we are grateful to Zsuzsa for bringing such an honourable guest to the summer wine celebration of ours. Novel Wines already features 31 wines from Hungary from wineries like Sabar, Zsirai, Heumann, Vesztergombi, Szepsy. Let us recommend 3 wines from their portfolio with Novel Wines descriptions!

Sabar Kéknyelű Kőmagas, 2017 (Badacsony wine region)

Kéknyelű is a rare single sex grape variety that means ‘Blue Stalk’. The grapes are hand-harvested from the terroir of Kőmagas vineyard on the southern slopes of Csobánc Mountain in Lake Balaton. Fermented in stainless steel and then partly matured in oak barrel, the resulting wine has a vivid, floral nose and a zesty, crisp palate. Notes of citrus and white flowers with an elegant, long finish. Pairs beautifully with olives, lemon-dressed white fish dishes, vegetable risottos, baked sweet potato or light salads, soft or crumbly goat’s cheese or creamy sheep’s milk cheese.

Vesztergombi Kékfrankos, 2014 (Szekszárd wine region)

Pale ruby with fragrant, smoky aromas. This light bodied red is bursting with juicy forest fruits and red berries, chewy tannins and balanced acidity. Vesztergombi’s Kekfrankos is a great introduction to Hungarian wine. Pairs beautifully with tomato pasta dishes, Margarita pizza or a classic club sandwich. Cheese pairing: fluffy ricotta, soft mozzarella, feta and other fresh cheese.

Zsirai Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos, 2008 (Tokaj wine region)

Beautifully-made Aszú. Amber-coloured and brimming with dried apricots, peach, honey, oranges, toasted almonds and caramel with a creamy finish. This is very indulgent sipping… Pairs beautifully with some toasted nuts and Roquefort blue.Suitable for vegans.

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