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9 Hungarian gold medals from Mondial du Rosé 2018

Mondial du Rosé is the only international wine contest fully dedicated to rosé wines. Rosé consumption is still well increasing, thus the significance of a contest focusing on rosé wines is getting bigger as well. The contest is organized by the Union des Oenologues de France annually, and the jury consists of 60 experts. The setting of he contest is the marvellous town of Cannesat Côte d’Azur, a region which contributed a lot to the success of rosé wines – because the happy holiday goers took the memory of clear blue beaches and crispy, fruity rosé wines together, and when they were longing for some cheerful moments, they bougth some of those lovely rosés to remind them of the summer.

Frittmann Rosé Cuvée – a pretty little girl

The 9 Hungarian gold winners are from different regions: Kunság, Mátra, Szekszárd, Tolna, Eger. Frittmann Rosé Cuvée, one of the gold winners is made of Pinot noir and Zweigelt.

“This salmon-coloured rosé recalls red berries like strawberry, red currant and raspberry. Sip is also determined by the vibrant and vigorous fruity scent, completed by spicy notes. It is a rich rosé with dynamic acids and low alcohol content. A well-balanced and easy-to-love wine.”

The winery is run by a family, and their dedication has been acknowledged several times, in 2015 Frittmann Winery was chosen Winery of the Year.

A weekend full of rosé

As we recommended earlier, a wine festival dedicated to rosé wines called Rosalia Festival will take place this weekend in Budapest. You can taste the above mentioned Frittmann Rosé Cuvé and many other pink pleasures.

Here is our article about the event


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