Type of the wine: white, dry
Grape variety:  100% olaszrizling
Acidity / alcohol content:  1,9 g/l 13 %
Terroir, vineyard:  Tóti-hegy
Training system:  High Cordon
Harvest: Hand harvested
Technology: The wine was fermented spontaneously and matured for 7 months in lightly toasted, 500 litre Hungarian barrels
Quality level:  Single Vineyard Wine
Temperature:  10 – 12 °C
Food pairing:  Pairs well with traditional Hungarian dishes and “vadas” (venison plate with vegetable sauce), but it is equally suits salads in case flavoursome dressing is provided. It is worth trying with traditional stuffed cabbage or cold plates.
Available quantity:  3.000 Bottles
Retail price:  2.990 HUF / 8–9 EUROS


Fruity wine with birch and pear, accompanied by a hint of marzipan. The spiciness coming from barrel ageing makes the overall sensation more complex and gives the palate a pleasant smokiness, which is nicely retained in the aftertaste.

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