Raspberry season has arrived to the fanciest restaurant of Budapest!

Pomo D’oro is the place to be, if you want to meet the celebrities of Hungary, and at the same time you want fine cuisine with original ideas accompanied by carefully selected wines. Pomo D’oro is a restaurant to match all these requirements. Recently Harrison Ford has visited them and liked the recommended wines a lot as reported.

Pomo D’oro is an Italian restaurant, but we advise you not to judge to early: the owner, Gianni Annoni is trully Italian, however he has been living in Hungary for a long time, and he is wise enough to realize that the treasures of Hungarian wines are worth being shown along with Italian wines. In Pomo D’oro 150 Italian and 150 Hungarian wines are available any time. Some of this portfolio is more or less constant, but there is an ever changing section as well. Péter Cserkó, the sommelier of the restaurant and Attila Jáhner, the manager are both keen on intruducing craft wines from small regions along with the best known brands.

Summer menu with cherry, raspberry, zucchini

As the restaurant is an Italian one (in the so called Italian Street with Italian wine shop, delicate shop, ice cream shop and cooking school), pizza is certainly a must try food here.

Pomo D’oro changes its menu with the change of the seasons, thus now the local summer fruits are the main features. Look at this amazing deer millefoglie with cherries and celery purée.

This chocolate pasty is made with white chocolate, ricotta and raspberry, and its refined taste must come from the wonderful, Hungarian raspberries. In the past years the quantity of raspberries grown in Hungary has decreased significantly, however the quality improved at the same time. Nowadays only the best breeds are cultivated which give healthy berries full of flavour.

Exciting wines to be paired with each meal

Wine recommendation is crucial in Pomo D’oro, which has one disadvantage: you cannot resist the temptation to taste more than you might had planned. Just a few ideas:
– How about trying a concentrated Olaszrizling from Csetvei Cellar called Kő-Papír-Olló with the pizza with fresh vegetables and mozzarella? The wine is complex enough to match the herbs of the pizza.

  • Something absolutely with new with the elaborated dish of the deer? Well, Csókaszőlő is a grape variety even Hungarians hardly know, and Endre Szászi in Badacsony region makes an interesting wine of Csókaszőlő.
  • With the featherlight dessert you can try a sparkling wine, like Kreinbacher Classic Brut, or rely on the sommelier, he will surely have great ideas!

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