Csetvei Raw/Ka EzerYO Ipa Hedon

Raw/ka EzerYO IPA by Csetvei & Hedon

Krisztina Csetvei, “Mrs Ezerjó” and Hedon craft brewery have just released the fruit of their co-pruduction: an IPA beer with Ezerjó wine! Only 2448 bottles were made, so if you want to taste, you had better hurry. Also: meet Krisztina Csetvei in Moravia, Chech Republic on 2nd August at AutentikFest!

 Remedy for the palate

“The idea was born after a long panel tasting of a wine contest in London. Nothing is as good after an exhausting flight as a good glass of beer. If it is beer, for me it should be IPA, and as a winemaker in Mór, Ezerjó wine is the obvious choice” – says Krisztina Csetvei about the inspiration. And yes, the beer actually contains some barrel aged Ezerjó(Csetvei Ezerjó H).

The first experiments were made in 2019 with 972 brewery in Székesfehérvár, this is where Kriszti and Csaba Pető brewer first met. This year Csaba Pető created Raw/ka EzerYO IPA again at Hedon brewery and now the unique “refreshment” is available. The label was designed by Dóra Csavajda.

Price: 1000 HUF / bottle (0.33 L)
Order from the cellar via e-mail (12 or 24 bottles)
Also available:

Öreg Prés restaurant, Mór, Hungary
– Szaletly restaurant, Budapest, Hungary
– Kakasbonbon Chocolate Manufacture, Felsőpáhok, Hungary
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Csetvei EzerYO Ipa beer

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