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Discover Mád village, the pearl of Tokaj

‘Öreg Király’ (‘Old King’) is undoubtedly one of the most breath-taking vineyards of the world – why not discover it in a delicious way? Ride to the foot of the stunning slopes and open the bottled fruit of that very same vineyard from your picnic basket! The total distance to the vineyard and back is around 13 kilometres (8 miles), with a total elevation of 250 metres (820 feet).
Also, meet Barta Winery team at two events: ‘Mad Buzz’ (‘Mádi Pezsgés’) this Saturday, 25 May or at Good night, Mád on 21–23 June.

Bikes and wines are provided!

What else would you need? Maybe some food to gain energy, but Barta Winery takes care of your calory intake: artisan jams, cheeses and salamis are packed along with the two bottles of chilled wines. As a when writer, I am fascinated when a winery provides all the necessary information – believe me, it is rather rare –, and the Barta team just did it!

Bikers are provided with an online map as well, and the team gives the exact distance and elevation, so that you can decide in advance knowing your stamina. The wines included are: Öreg Király Dűlő Furmint 2022 (dry) and Öreg Király Dűlő Késői Furmint 2018 (sweet).
The price for the premium bike picnic is 28 000 HUF / 72.5 EUR and it is available practically any time.
You can easily buy the experience online here.

If you prefer spending less, there is another version for only 16 000 HUF / 41.5 EUR, the bikes and the picnic delicacies are the same, only the wines are different: Egy kis Furmint 2022 (dry) and Egy kis édes Furmint-Muskotály 2022 (sweet) are also two lovely wines of the estate.
You can book this bike picnic here.

Don’t rush home, Barta Winery offers accommodation as well! You can choose between the cosy guest house and the gorgeous rooms of Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion. 

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Barta Old Hill vineyard Mád Tokaj Hungary
Barta 'Öreg Király' vineyard Mád Tokaj Hungary

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