Tamás Borbély Badacsony Hungary

Rosé, Riesling & Jazz on 8–17 July

Meet the youngest Hungarian Winemaker of the Year

The city of Veszprém is famous for its buzzling cultural life, no wonder it will be the Cultural Capital of the EU in 2023. VeszprémFest is one of the highlights of the city with performers like Diana Crall, the Gipsy Kings, Zaz or James Blunt. Rosé, Riesling & Jazz festival is a side event with live music (with its own stage) and around 30 wineries – with Borbély Family Winery among them.

Tamás Borbély – the Riesling Ruler

If it is Riesling, in Hungary it is mostly Olaszrizling – a variety that has nothing on common with Rhine Riesling, except the name. Read more about Olaszrizling here.

The Winemaker of the Year 2020, Tamás Borbély is the youngest winemaker ever receiving this prestigious title. Olaszrizling is the specialty of the family, they make late harvest and even ice wine of 100% Olaszrizling, but they most famous for their single vineyard Olaszrizling wines, like Bács-hegy, Karós or Gézengúz.
Borbély Gézengúz Olaszrizling 2019 is indeed a special wine: Tamás Borbély’s son, Tamás Attila junior was born in 2019. How to celebrate the birth of the new generation? With a new wine, certainly. The grape came from Bács hill, a unique vineyard from 45 year old vines. A playful, vibrant, exciting wine – just like the little ‘Gézengúz’. ‘Gézengúz is a funny Hungarian word meaning something like ‘naughty boy’.

More about Borbély Family Winery

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Rose Riesling & Jazz Veszprém Hungary

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