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Badacsony wine region, which is situated north of Lake Balaton, the largest lake of Europe, is not only a wine region of breathtaking beauty, but also one of the oldest wine growing areas of Hungary. Sabar Wine House, an ambitious, dynamically growing wine estate produces its volcanic wines here, in Badacsony region. The winery takes its name from Sabar Hill of 217 meters high, just near the village of Káptalantóti – it’s one of the smallest of the mountains of Balaton National Park, however regarding the terroir, it’s one of the best with great potential. The centre of Sabar estate, and the majority of its vineyards are located here.

Adam Gabor

Sabar Wine House was founded in 2009, and since then its territories have grown up to 7 hectares, and they have renewed and refilled two cellars of Sabar Hill with wine – ensuring that life would return to this wonderful hill of vineyards. Their terroir driven wines with good price–value ratio have been quickly noticed by the quality oriented wine consumers. The portfolio consists of two main branches: a fresh, crispy line and a more concentrated line of wines with more potential to be aged – but both line with great quality and cleanness.

Gábor Ádám, manager of Sabar Wine House offers unique wine experiences, and his aim is to create wines of outstanding quality, to contribute to the local community, and to work on the great reputation of Badacsony wine region. His enthusiastic team supports him fully in achieving these goals, and they make wines with peculiar characteristics, accompanied with the values and the tradition of the place, the beauty of the surroundings, the attractions and charm of the region. Their objective is not only to sell as many bottles as possible, but also to attract visitors to the venue and to share this unique feeling, the sense of terroir with them.


Importers: Belgium (Qwine), Poland (Wine Service Group), Slovakia (Beer&wine Depot PWR s.r.o.), UK (Novel Wines, The Wine Society) 

Contact person:

Gábor Ádám
Tel.: +36-30-984-6540


It was not conscious at all. The concept of sabarism simply developed somehow and also the name came from you. After a long night spent on the wine terrace, a guest of ours texted us this word. We found it nice and funny, so we started using it in our everyday lives, and at this point, we may be able to finally define what it really means. 

We have been a small winery for ten years, with great plans and great wines. Many of you have been regular visitors to Sabar Hill almost from the beginning, and some of you even take our wines with you to ski. 🙂 More and more people like spending time here with a growing family and a growing circle of friends, and sometimes you celebrate important anniversaries with us. When you are here, it is like spending college years together. The most essential thing is being together, laugh and share experiences, just like back in school. This is what sabarism means to us. Relaxed and cheerful moments, days, tearful laughs, emotions, tranquility.

We know you, sabarists.

We don’t know your biographical information, but we know how good it feels to ease up here after a hard week. Or to just lay your eyes on the clouds for long minutes. To drink a few glasses of wine that flows into your body like the water of life. To talk with strangers for hours, then think of them as friends on the way home. And then to wait for another day to come when we can catch up right where we’d left off in the world of Sabar, a peaceful place without the evergoing competition of the outside world.  

Sabarism is a trend that brings human well-feeling, the joy of spending time together, laughing and relaxing without social glaze, back into fashion again.



Olaszrizling 2022

It could be an every day wine – and then every day would be special. We could celebrate purity, noble simplicity, charm without make-up, honesty. Light hearted acidity, crispy, green frutiness, lingering, subtle tartness with a touch of rosemary and with some saline elegance. Celebrate the moment!


Olaszrizling Birtokbor (Estate Wine) 2020

Dewy green apple, juicy kiwi, basil, mint. The refreshing palate speaks for itself: a crystal clear wine withount any flamboyant attitude, but with depth. Mineral and salty aftertaste.


Olaszrizling Birtokbor (Estate Wine) 2021

Intense, lively nose with sun ripened peach. Juicy, peachy flavours on the palate as well from the very first sip. Green herbs, refined minerality, vibrant, yet subtle acidity. This wine is an argument for life. Good for you.


Sabar Hercegföld Rajnai Rizling 2022

A Rhine Riesling does not need flamboyant clothes or mask, it is proud to be who it is with all the unique notes of its character. Meanwhile it reveals everything about its terroir, the soil and its history. Popularity is not an objective. It does not flatter, neither is being charming, it only spreads some featherlight, refreshing nose of rose petals accompanied with fruity notes. Ripened mango, passion fruit, bitter grapefruit – and a smile at the end.


Sabar Single Vineyard Olaszrizling Bács hegy 2021

Sometimes a glass of Olaszrizling can reflect a whole life. You can feel its colourful nature, the opportunities it had the courage to live with, the depth of its wisdom. Yellow flowers, vanilla, creamy texture, flambéed fruits. Its beauty and ripeness is not exaggerated like some cheesy stories. A hint of salted caramel with vibrant, refreshing citrus fruits. It leaves a deep impression.


Sabar Kéknyelű 2021

Crystal clear, decent appearance. Firm backbone, elegant structure. The fierce basalt character is nicely chilled by the saline and mineral sensation and reveals the exciting layers of citrusy tartness. A wine for contemplation giving answers to the questions of life.


Sabar Rosé 2022

On fruit days this rosé is simply obligatory – the coral red cherry is so fresh and crispy and it is so tenderly seasoned by sweetish, charming forest strawberries. The moment you open the bottle a cloud of strawberry marshmallow comes out and cuddles you, like a warm blanket on a chilly summer evening. Each bottle contains a romantic summer on the beach – at Lake Balaton, of course. An “aphROSÉdisiac” for those who plan to drink themselves to love again this year.


Sabar Pinot Gris Csángó 2022

Smelling into the glass we get enchanted by the honeycomb notes, the oriental spices and some delicious brittle. Soft and warm sensation. We surrender immediately, unconsciously and let ourselves melt with the vanilla creaminess – until the first drops reach our tasting buds. Then comes another sensation: the zesty and invigorating wine wakes us up with its flint notes. Waxy fruit skin, yellow flesh, luscious nectarine and the bitterness of sundried apricot kernel recalling our childhood. All these nuances sigh together for another sip. It will be drunk up quickly.

Sabar Cabernet Franc 2020

We saw our very own Sabar Cabernet Franc grow up and become adult. It was already promising as early as its “newborn” age, and by now this promise has become reality, in a firm and complex body. “Eye catching” overture, sweet barrel spices mixed up with pepper notes and the gentle fruitiness of blackcurrant. Plum seasoned with cinnamon with a touch of chocolate as a reward in the finish.


Sabar ‘Kis Cuki’ Rajnai Rizling 2021

The enchantment of this “little cuteness” begins moderately but it quickly gets to the point. When the aromas start flowing from the glass, the palate is also overwhelmed with the charm of honey, peach and a touch of marmelade. Granola with sweet spices and a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste, before we are totally melted by the flattering fruits.


Sabar Kéknyelű 2022

What a first impression! It begins vehemently and its unmasked natural character makes you waiting for the second step. Probably this is not what you expected from this grape variety, but you just wait, let the wine play its fierce role this time. And you will realize how much you actually enjoy this unrestrained temper, because you “know the kind”. You know that it is worth waiting for the continuation. And you are right, as always. Suddenly the wine comes to a standstill and its merits are there for you to see in their full splendour. Grapefruit, salty walnut, rosemary and so many stories. Now it is your turn to tell your story to the wine.


Sabar 2683 Rhine Riesling 2022

We have 2683 reasons for opening this bottle right now. You may lay it in your cellar, wait for the “perfect moment”. But we say “later” too often in this life, even though there is no better occasion than this moment. Feel the joy and accept all that this Rhine Riesling can give to you. Peachy fruitiness with honey, a lovely, chubby body to cuddle, seductive, nice acidity. There is nothing more talkative than the silent seconds after the first sip.


Olaszrizling Birtokbor 2022 (Estate Wine)

Like a bookmark, this wine tells you in which chapter you are in the book of life. A clean mirror reflecting the playful, honest side of your personality. Sun ripened peach greets and you swallow the first gulps with pleasure. Lemon grass, chamomile flower and a tiny bit of honey. The naughtily fresh flavours remind you of your childish self, while its depth reveals who you have become. Every single bottle tells the story of another life.


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