Sauska Rose Brut Tokaj

Sauska Rosé Brut – pink bubbles from Tokaj

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The renowned critic James Suckling has just visited the estate in Tokaj, we are eager to read his comments on the wines. I am quite convinced that he will use superlatives, since the wines are gorgeous. I have had the chance to taste a whole flight of Sauska sparkling wines recently at a brilliant masterclass conducted by Sebastian Giraldo Makovej brand ambassador.

Reserve wine – a revelation

I can say without boasting that I am quite an expert of sparkling wines. In 20 years I visited many estates from Champagne to Franciacorta, judged at sparkling competitions, and at the moment I live in town where there are more than 80 sparkling wine producers. Some wineries keep reserve wine as neutral as possible, not to influence the profile of the product, while others keep it in solera and by doing this, they intentionally add an extra touch. It is a religion, there is no good or bad, and as a bubbly lover I am happy to enjoy the diverse world of sparkling wines.

As Sebastian explained, Regis Camus (yes, the legendary expert from Champagne), the consultant of Sauska uses the best fractions of wines for the reserve wine. He believes that the reserve wine should be the best of the best, so that the tiny amount of it added to the wine can really crown it.

Sebastian has recently participated at ASI Sommelier World Championship – since he is the Sommelier Champion of Hungary –, and he could take part in a Dom Perignon masterclass. He appreciated that the speaker presented a wine that was not on sale, so Sebastian wanted to treat us as well with a wine not available on the market. Thus, he introduced Sauska Brut Nature and asked our opinion. I said – joking, of course – that “now I understand the significance of your reserve wine”. The Brut Nature was elegant and spotless, but in my opinion, in case of the other wines of the flight we had that extra touch…

Sauska Rosé Brut – summer love

Sebastian poured two rosés next to each other, Sauska Rosé Brut and Sauska Rosé Brut Magnum. The first one is the current vintage with base wine from 2020 and with 24 months on the lees, while the magnum base wine is vintage 2016 and it spent 60 months on the lees! At that time, they used a little Hárslevelű in the blend, while in the current one the blend consists of only Chardonnay, Furmint and Pinot Noir. Which one did we prefer? Telling you the truth, I could not decide. I loved the touch of honey in the magnum along with a basket of red berry fruits, the beautiful yeasty notes, a stunning wine and still in amazing shape. While the current rosé is so enjoyable as if all the pleasures and beauties of summer had been turned into a love potion. Juicy grapefruit, creamy texture, refreshing acidity. Delicious and charming but also elegant and complex. So lovely!

Tokaj or not Tokaj

The grapes were harvested by hand from Sauska’s famous Tokaj vineyards: Medve, Birsalmás, Úrágya, Istenhegy and Padihegy. Yet, it is not a “Tokaji” sparkling wine, because Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are not allowed in the Tokaj appellation. Yet, the terroir is there, Tokaj is an outstanding region for sparkling wines, as Krisztián Sauska had forseen it long time ago, at the time when even dry Furmint wines were considered novelties.

Sauska Rosé Brut received silver medal at Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships in 2022. “Salmon colour. Nice cherry fruit, straightforward, friendly and easygoing. Fruity, yet complex palate.”

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Sauska masterclass with Sebastian Giraldo Makovej at Winelovers Wine Awards

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