Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka 2022 Hungary

Save the “little girls”, drink Leányka!

Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka 2022

Leányka is a Hungarian grape variety, restricted only to our country. It is less popular than it once was therefore the amount of plantations is decreasing: there were 880 ha in 2008, while in 2022 there were only 520 hectares! With low yield it can give concentrated, floral wines with silky, creamy texture. Some experts compare it to Viognier variety.

The name ‘leányka’ means ‘little girl’ or ‘maiden’ and the variety is quite likely to originate from Transylvania (Romania). Despite of the similar meaning, the Romanian Feteasca Alba (meaning ‘white girl’) is not the same variety. Leányka is possibly one of the parents of Királyleányka grape variety. Zefír is Hungarian crossing between Leányka and Hárslevelű. Tóth Ferenc Winery places special emphasis on the variety, they make dry and sweet Leányka as well. We introduced the sweet one here called Édes Lányom (‘My Sweet Daugther’)

Tóth Ferenc Egri Leányka 2022

Harvest took place in the first half of September from 4 year old vines. After destemming the pressing was gentle in a pneumatic press. Fermentation under controlled temperature and matured in stainless steel tank. Bottling at the end of November. „The youthful zest is visible immediately – charming lemon colour with straw yellow hues. The nose develops gradually featuring pear juice, hints of herbs and some candy-like character. Lively, vibrant wine with subtle acidity and white flesh fruits on the palate. The typical floral notes of the variety appear finally in the medium length aftertaste, sweetishly and discreetly.” (Description by Adél Bernát-Ulcz wine and chocolate expert)
Ideal partner of salads, pastas, fish and poultry dishes.
It costs only 1990 HUF (5-6 euro) a bottle.

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