Siller: between pink and red

Ferenc Tóth, founder of Tóth Ferenc Winery loves indigenous Kadarka grape, and the family believes that if this spicy variety could speak, it would tell them how much he enjoys being converted into a darker siller instead of a pale pink rosé. Siller is a Swabish speciality, originally black and white grapes were harvested together, but since this blend is not allowed in the EU any more, nowadays siller is simply a longer macerated rosé – sometimes it ferments together with the marc. This is how Tóth Ferenc Winery makes its siller: „The point of siller technology is – contrary to red wine making technology – doing maceration only for limited days. This year it took 4 days. Afterwards, we have drawn off must and fermented this into wine. Therefore, its colour will be darker than a rose wine. On the other hand, it will not contain as much tannin as a red wine. The result is a light, fruity wine.” The crimson colour wine bursting with red berry fruits and spices is ideal with pasta dishes even with tomato sauce, and as Mindmegette” recipe website says, it is worth trying with ratatouille and pizza. Serve it well chilled, and you can also enjoy as aperitif with cheese and olives!

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