Stegler organic Kékfrankos Sopron

Sopron Steigler wines in the UK and the US

Premium organic Kékfrankos from the west of Hungary

Steigler Winery has recently been introduced to the wine trade of London at the Blue of the Danube international grand tasting. The wine was received well, and thanks to Best of Hungary UK import company and webshop Steigler Kékfrankos is available for the UK public. What is more, another importing company with Hungarian roots, Taste Hungary has just included Steigler wines in their portfolio, which is good news for wine enthusiasts in the United States, since Taste Hungary ships to almost every state.

In the UK

“Visitors loved the guile and elegance of Kékfrankos from the cool-climate Sopron terroir, and they were intrigued by its subtle mineral tones from the unique mica schist soil” – commented Dr. Mónika Gyenes, owner of Best of Hungary UK. Kékfrankos is also known as Blaufrankisch, since our neighbours in Austria are active enough to make the name of the grape known in German. Thanks to tasting like the london event organized by Wines of Hungary UK / Wine Communications, the Hungarian name is getting more recognition as well. “Classic deep ruby with purple shades. Zesty acidity and medium tannins with a cavalcade of red and black fruit on the palate, rounded out by elegant spicy notes from the oak barrel ageing” – as we can read on the webshop page of Best of Hungary UK, where IWC 91 pts Steigler Soproni Kékfrankos 2019 is available for 15.50 GBP.
Find Steigler Kékfrankos in Best of Hungary UK webshop


In the US

Carolyn and Gábor Bánfalvi, owners of Taste Hungary run a shop and a tour company in Budapest, and they deliver wines to EU and the US. They select wines carefully, with great taste. Though Sopron has a long history, it’s one of those regions which has become somewhat overshadowed by other flashier regions. The mid-sized Steigler Winery is one of the region’s exciting newer projects. We’ve been selling these wines for quite some time at our shop in Budapest, and they are well-loved by our customers! We hope you give them a try … and let us know what you think! FYI – The two Steigler white wines are already sold out in Hungary,and we have very limited quantities (just a few cases) in the US!– say Carolyn and Gábor, so you had better hurry! A 6 pack mixed case costs only 154 USD.

Find Steigler wines in Taste Hungary webshop

Steigler 6 pack Taste Hungary US

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