Spa Paradise and pools in the air

Hungary is rich in thermal spas, so if you want to heal your body as well as your soul, our country is an ideal choice. Debrecen is the second most populous and the third largest city in Hungary, and with its international airport it is easy to reach from several cities. Aquaticum Hotel and Spa in Debrecen is a paradise for spa lovers, but wine lovers will also have a good time here.

Bathe and get healed

The medicinal water of Debrecen is 65°C thermal water containing alkali chloride, hydrogen carbonate, iodine, bromide, sodium chloride and significant amounts of calcium, magnesium metaboric acid and metasilicic acid. The water is beneficial for several diseases from osteoporosis to chronic respiratory diseases, and it can even help in case of certain forms of infertility. Aquaticum has indoor and outdoor pools at different temperature, saunas, and the wellness area offers diverse massages and other treatments. What is more, this summer the most modern pool complex of Hungary has been completed as well. The extraordinary swimming park boasts pools at 12 metres high!

Taste yourself through all wine regions

Aquaticum Hotel guests can easily reach the indoor and outdoor pools, and after bathing they have many options to relax. Natura Restaurant offers meals for people with every kind of dietary restrictions and food allergies, and those who treat themselves with wines can also find “remedy”. Debrecen is not part of any wine regions, grapes are not grown around here, maybe this is the reason of the openness of locals. Natura wine list offers wines from all over Hungary, so if you stay for a longer vacation, you can learn about a wine region each day. From Villány you can taste for example Bock, Gere Attila or Vylyan wines, from Szekszárd Dúzsi or Mészáros, from Tokaj Demetervin or Royal Tokaji wines, and Géza Balla wines are also on the wine list from Ménes wine region (Romania).

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