St Martin Wine Festival in Budapest

The magic number of 7

The most exciting Martin Day program of Budapest is held in Hotel Gellért and grew 7 years old, following different thematic on each occasion and resulting in sold out event in the recent years. Looking at the assortment, it soon becomes evident that the hotel housing the not-to-be-missed wine festival transforms into a gigantic „stuffed goose” with the best foods and wines serving as filling, accompanied by star chefs and wineries attending and featuring cool concerts. All halls and rooms of the elegant and tarnished hotel will be opened welcoming guests and in addition, the 7th festival will be focused around the magic number of 7 on 9–12 November. Tickets are available from the hotel’s reception from 6990 HUF (22.5 euros).

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A few hints on tasting

Among the wineries you will find well known names like Bock, Csányi and Vylyan from Villány, Garamvári from South Balaton, Haraszthy and Etyeki Kúria from Etyek, Koch from Hajós–Baja, Lajvér from Szekszárd, Pajzos Tokaj from Tokaj, Sabar from Badacsony, Tornai from Somló, Tóth Ferenc from Eger, and you can discover new talents as well. The best is to taste something from all of them, but since humans has limits, here we go with some tips:

One of the best Olaszrizling from Balaton! „Full of fruits on the nose with citrus tones, white flowers, almond and a touch of minerality. Concentrated, elegant wine full of flavours with lively acidity and complex notes resulting from the barrel ageing.

At this very moment the new vintage is not available, but we are sure you can taste it at the festival. The name comes from the funny fact that József Bock, owner of Bock Winery could not get used to the new name of the late Oportó grape variety (it had to be renamed due to origin protection law of EU and thus now ’Portugieser’ is the official name). Porta Géza is the name of an imaginary wine drinker – resembling the world Portugieser.

Gourmet dinner in a breathtaking suite

Hotel Gellért introduced and perfected the term Suite Restaurant, housed by the hotel’s suite having hosted the most well-known guests staying there, offering a magnificent view on river Danube. This year both on Friday and Saturday participants will be charmed by the 7 course menu created by master chefs Szabina Szullóand Tamás Széll. They do not need to be introduced, their professional credentials are verified with a Michelin star, and Tamás Széll with his team was awarded the first prize at the European Bocuse d’Or and the noble fourth position at the international Bocuse d’Or competition. Because of the special layout of the apartment restaurant, guests will be seated at a table for 12.

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