Sweet moments: 3 great craft chocolate with wine from Hungary

White and red wine in real chocolate: Csetvei and Kakas

Kakasbonbon Chocolate Manufacture (kakas = rooster) is located in the town of Sopron, near the Austrian border, and their little shop is a must if you visit the wonderful place historic buildings and cobblestoned streets. Before moving to Sopron, the family company operated in Villány region, and their love of wine is obvious. One of their latest product is a set of bonbons made of Csetvei Cellar wines from Mór wine region. Barrel aged Ezerjó, the stunning white blend Napholdcsillag and the winery’s first red wine, Pinot Noir 2015 all got new dress now in the form of refined, handmade chocolate! The bonbons are available at Csetvei Cellar in Mór and of course in Sopron, at Kakas.

Not only delicious, but healthy as well: Gere and ChocoMe

Gere Attila Winery in Villány has worked together with ChocoMe chocolate manufacture for a while, and the resulting product has a full range now.  Gere-ChocoMe Strawberry Raffinée is a real specialty. The black chocolate covered strawberry is not only delicious, but healthy too, because it contains grape seed extract rich in antioxidants. The bonbon is available with cherries, and there is a hazelnut and a pecan one without sugar. The almond bonbon is made especially for the restaurant of Gere Winery, called Mandula Restaurant (mandula = almond). So here you have some sweet reasons to visit Gere Winery in Villány!
Available in Gere webshop

The fruitful friendship of two families: Béres and Szamos

Szamos is a chocolate manufacture of a long history: Mátyás Szamos established his company in 1930, when he learned his craftmanship from a Danish expert. Szamos worked out some exciting combinations with Béres Vineyard and Winery from Tokaj, enchanting sweets like late harvest Magita Cuvée filled white chocolate, or marzipan pralines filled with Tokaji Aszú and aszú soaked grape berries. Szamos manufacture has a completely renewed visitor centre in Budapest which is well worth a visit, and they also hold chocolate courses regularly, where participants can create their own chocolate. (The website is only in Hungarian, if you need help, write us.)

Béres wine filled Szamos bonbons are available at Béres winery, of course, and at the festival of Bor, mámor …Bénye on 6–9 July, you can even participate in a chocolate course at the winery!

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