Szamorodni – a delicious entrance to Tokaj?

Tokaji Aszú is a time consuming style, botrytised berries are picked one by one, plus botrytis does not come according to the timetable. Szamorodni is another traditional Tokaj style with a more affordable price, with fabulous examples. VinCE wine magazine has recently held its panel tasting of Szamorodni wines, featured in their November issue, let us share the top results of the tasting.

More approchable, more attractive

„The most beautiful wines were the ones with vibrant acidity besides the lovely botrytis” – concluded László Romsics, consulting editor of the magazine. „Szamorodni is a truly valuable style with history, personality and potential” – said Kristian Kielmayer wine expert. „The change of the regulation in 2017 – it shortens obligatory barrel ageing – helps the style adjust to modern trends and the wines are released earlier. The wines are fresher, more approachable yet they carry the fingerprint of the unique terroir” – comments László Szilágyi, owner of Gizella Cellar, the producer of one of the 5 star szamorodnis. 27 szamorodni wines were evaluated, 5 of them received the highest acknowledgement, 5 stars:Demeter Zoltán Anett 2017, Disznókő 1413 Édes Szamorodni 2017, Gizella Édes Szamorodni 2017, Holdvölgy Intuition Zéta Szamorodni 2008, Péter Édes Szamorodni 2017.

Tállya Radicals – the best of the 4 star wines

To have big names at the top is no surprise, however, the best of the 4 star wines is produced by a young winery called TR, which stands for Tállya Radicals. The team of TR creates well balanced, elegant wines with affordable prices. „Light golden colour. Elegant, intense, complex nose with vanilla, apricot, fresh spiciness and some oaky notes. Vibrant, rich palate with good balance, refined acidity. A well elaborated, layered wine with plenty of fruits, long and lovely finish” – as we can read about TR Édes Szamorodni 2014 in the panel tasting section of the magazine.

A food friendly sweet wine

Szamorodni is lighter and fresher than a Tokaji Aszú, therefore it is easier to pair it with food. Sándor Kis, chef of MieleHungary fried some duck liver in a pan and served it with dry roasted fig, honeyed pecan, vanilla and walnut flavoured mayonnaise. The complex, sweetish plate emphasizes the structure and the frutiness of the wine.

More about TR Winery

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