Taste Sabar wines at the 1st Volcanic Summit this weekend!

I don’t have to be biased to claim that Sabar is one of the best estates in Hungary. It is a fact based on the wonderful volcanic terroir, the commintment of the owner, the winemaker and the whole team and my own and many other wine fellows’ impression. Sabar participates in GoVolcanic, the first international Volcanic Summit in Budapest (November 30–December 1).

Stones in the glass

Well, the last you want to get into your mouth from a wine glass is stone. Or not? The logo of GoVolcanic is not about the deposit in the wine of course, it immediately tells you that these wines speak about thousands years of history, secret and deep layers, geographic wonders. Today and tomorrow one of the most popular spot of the Hungarian capital, the Margaret Island of Budapest will host several Hungarian and foreign wineries, wine writers, Master of Wine experts and terroir geeks. Read our earlier article here mentioning Kovács Nimród, Csetvei and Zsirai wineries, exhibitors of GoVolcanic. Sabar is not listed on the website of the event, but it is a mistake, Sabar will be there – or by the time you read these lines, Sabar IS there, at GoVolcanic – and you can taste the wonderful terroir of Sabar hill, where the wines come from (remember, secret No1 = terroir).

Secret No2 = Teamwork

Gábor Ádám, the owner of the winery always speaks about his team as a team. He means it. They make decisions together, struggle together and have fun together. Recently they have travelled to Mór wine region for some „teambuilding”, which, of course, inludeded countless winery visits and tastings. Another important principle of success: be humble enough to learn from others. Sabar team is humble enough to admit that it always helps tasting the wines of the competitors, and certainly they are happy to realize that some competitors are rather friends: just like Krisztina Csetvei, winemaker of Mór, who is seen in the photo with Gábor Ádám owner and Bálint Földi, winemaker of Sabar.

Secret No3 = really delicious!

I have tasted Sabar wines maybe 5 or 6 years ago first. They were okay, but not special. Then the next occassion was different, I liked a Sabar wine very much (my usual code for good wines is a heart, for outstanding wines a larger heart…). Then every time I tasted a Sabar wine, the heart was bigger and bigger. Funny enough that a few days ago I received an email from a reader of ours from the other end of the world, from Canada. Mark is a marketing expert, but he has a strong passion for wines as well. He went to look for some Hungarian wine in Portland (the hippiest town of Canada, Mark said), and he found a Sabar rosé. He took it home and he enjoyed every drop of it!

So wherever you are, it might be possible to grab a bottle of Sabar wine to devote yourself to „sabarism”, a term created by Gábor Ádám. Of course it is easier in Budapest, but not impossible elsewhere.

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