Taste the best white wine of Szekszárd on the spot

Lajvér Estate, this state-of-art winery is situated in the picturesque valley of a little stream. Nature embraces the building with grass on the roof and large windows overlooking the gentle slopes. The estate awaits visitors with an 80 seat bistro restaurant open from Thursday to Saturday (other days are also available with previous booking). 24 August is the next date of their regular event called Lajvér Picnic, an ideal occasion to visit the estate, but the estate welcomes visitors all year long. It is highly recommended to taste their 2017 Rhine Riesling, which can boast the title of „The Best White Wine of Szekszárd” – the award was given at the latest Szekszárd wine competition. Lajvér Rajnai Rizling 2017 was fermented in stainless steel and matured in oak for 4 months. Intense nose with ripe peach and a touch of petrol, typical of the variety. Complex, mature wine with vibrant acidity. It makes you slow down and enjoy the moment…

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