The best Syrah in Hungary

The protagonist of VinCE Magazin’s latest panel tasting is Syrah, the favourite variety of many winelovers. Luscious, spicy, exciting wine at its best, and the tasting proved that Hungary has some potential to make great examples of the Rhone grape. The best Hungarian Syrah of the tasting comes from Villány, more precisely from Kisharsány – the village where Vylyan Vineyard and Winery is situated. 17 scores and 4 stars went to Vylyan Syrah 2015: “Deep garnet colour. The nose is typical of the variety with berry fruits, clove and vanilla, complemented with fine toasty notes. On the palate chocolate, sour cherry, plum, strawberry and a hint of blueberry, plus some earthy notes enrich the wine. Firm structure, good balance and long finish.” Congratulations – especially knowing that a bottle costs only around 15 euros in retail. The label is also worth some words: a bunch of artists worked together impressed by the wine and impressing each other. Syrah was given to János Háy renowned writer and poet, the title of his piece is “Syrah, the wine to ease your cares away”. “Syrah, Shiraz, without you the world nothing has, empty are my days, empty my nights, dry is my dinner, cold my supper.

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