Villány tasting in Budapest on 11 May 2024

Grand Villány tasting in Budapest on 11 May

“If the Mountain won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the Mountain”. Well, Villány is usually quite popular and the events, festivals are crowded, however Villány has things and places of interests apart from the most famous events – therefore wineries, hotels, restaurants go to the capital to introduce themselves. 100 wines, gastronomic products and top attractions of the Hungarian ” Mediterranean” region will be presented at the 1st edition of this event.

Date and time: 11 May 2024, 15.00–20.00 for professionals, 16.00–20.00 for consumers.
Venue: Budapest Congress Centre, Budapest, Hungary
Tickets: advance ticket 10 900 HUF / 28 EUR
To purchase your ticket in advance, click here and scroll to the bottom until you find ‘Jegyek’ (‘Tickets’)
Tickets at the venue: You can also buy entrance ticket on the spot for 12 900 HUF / 33 EUR
Some of the winery exhibitors so far: Bock Cellar, A. Gere Winery, Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery, Heumann Winery, Jackfall Winery, Koch Winery, Teleki, Vylyan Vineyard & Winery

At the event guests will have the chance to taste the latest Top 12 Villányi Franc wines

Top 12 Cabernet Franc from Villány revealed

Villány vineyard

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