The funniest Hungarian wine promo video ever!

Sabar Wine House is a realtively young winery – actually they celebrate their 10 year anniversary this year –, and besides their artisan, amazing wines, they are very creative. Check their website, Sabar is not full of text, but the team tell their story in short videos – with English subtitles, which is even rarer in Hungary. The winery is situated in Balaton Uplands, a protected national park, where the volcanic soil gives unique notes to the wines. Sabar often organizes guided hiking tours, and their new video depicts a tragedy in 6 minutes: the participants of the tour are somehow cut from the tour guide (Gábor Ádám, the owner of the winery), and are captured in a cave. Their main concern is the shortage of drink, because they only have a bottle of Sabar ’pálinka’ (a spirit made of fruit or in this case marc of Kéknyelű grape), but because one of their mates have serious toothache, he is consuming almost all the spirit to ease the pain. The victims decide to pull the tooth – to save some pálinka. Meanwhile the chief is trying to rescue the hikers, but suffers an injury – which should be treated with some Sabar Olaszrizling wine of course. The painkiller works, he falls asleep. But then he suddenly comes to consciousness, begins to act like a real hero, starts to dig the mountain and he finds his victims – so there is a happy ending. The little movie is in Hungarian, but now you will understand, so NOW WATCH THE VIDEO,  you won’t regret itJAnd keep in mind, that all of them are amateurs: winemaker, grape grower and regular guests.

[sc_youtube video_id=”gXmP1RjNhBg”]

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