The graceful Blue Danube and another boat full of wine

On 15 August winelovers will get on board again: another wine boat will cruise on the river in Budapest carrying 14 winemakers. Why again? Because apart from Borjour, a company having organized wine courses for years, another company called Winelovers started to get involved in river wine tour business. The competition is strong, and as a consequence wine loving people in Budapest have double amount of choice to enjoy the fascinating view and great wines at the same time. This 15 August River Night belongs to Winelovers, and they offer 3 types of tickets, all including unlimited wine tasting, but with different dinner options. Boarding is from 6 pm and the event closes at 10 pm. Participants can taste wines from wineries all over Hungary, for example Csányi Winery / Teleki Wines (Villány), Haraszthy Winery (Etyek), Kreinbacher méthode traditionelle sparkling wines (Somló), Kamocsay Ákos Premium Wines / Hilltop (Neszmély) or Babarczi Winery (Pannonhalma). Babarczi makes delicious reductive wine wines, which will serve as a relief for our palate in the summer afternoon heat, thus why not starting the tasting with a Babarczi Pannonhalmi Chardonnay 2018? „The fruit for this Chardonnay comes from a vineyard called Baron Hill, one of the best vineyards of Győrújbarát with the most potential. Its nose and palate reflect freshness and fruitiness, but the characteristic mineral notes are also present. Pear, apple and floral tones pair with zesty acidity. Ideal with fish plates, but perfect in itself as well.”

Tickets (website is in Hungarian, if you need help, let us know)

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