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Nature is open, are you RedY?

Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery invites all their followers for the safest way of enjoying wine: take a tour among the hills and valleys of beautiful Villány wine region, enjoy the sight and scent of the blossoming trees, feel spring in the air. But before starting your hike, grab a Gere Tamás & Zsolt picnic set for the tour.

In Hungary the third wave of COVID 19 is severe, at the moment all the restaurants and wine bars are closed, schools are closed, too, however, as Gere argues cleverly: “nature is open”. The only place you can go is outside, therefore, if you are stuck in Hungary, we suggest you not to resist this temptation and enjoy a picnic in Villány.

The picnic set costs 5200 HUF (14 euros) and includes

– a map of Villány vineyards,

– a bottle of Gere Zsolt RedY 2019 (for more info scroll down) or Gere Tamás Rosé Cuvée 2020,

– two plastic wine cups with Villány logo,

– platter of home made cold cuts, sausages, two types of cheeses, fresh bread, sausage spread.

Available at Gere Tamás & Zsolt Diófa pansion

Villány, 1 Diófás street, Hungary

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What is RedY?

Villány, the mediterranean wine region of Hungary is the most famous for its single varietal Villányi Franc– outsanding, complex, elegant wines made of Cabernet Franc–, but in 2018 another community brand, RedY was presented. The wineries realized that „they had been ready for the new challenge of meeting the needs of the Y generation”. 

RedY wines are always blends with Portugieser base (51–66%). Other local varieties contribute to the blend (Blauburger, Kadarka, Kékfrankos és Zweigelt, 20–49%) and the international varieties are represented with maximum 14%.

The outcome is exactly what RedY blend was created for: to show the cheerful, spicy, naughty face of Villány! RedY wines come out with chic red capsules!

A naughty wine

Gere Zsolt RedY is a blend of 60% Portugieser, 30% Kékfrankos and 10% Kadarka. The wines fermented separately, Portugieser and Kékfrankos matured for 6 months in stainless steel, while Kadarka aged in large oak barrel. Blending took place before bottling (spring, 2020). Only 5000 bottles were made.

“Youngish, lively wine with light purple colour. The nose is abundant is fruits and reveals a touch of oak. When you taste, you will realize what Villány producers aimed to create with RedY: playful, exciting, cheerful. A naughty wine that makes you fall in love with it. It does not want to show off – satisfied with what it can offer and so you will be.”

Alcohol: 12.60 %, acidity:  5.3 g/l, residual sugar: 1.2 g/l.

gere zsolt wines
Gere Zsolt wines and the winemaker in the background

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