The perfect venison to match Vylyan Villányi Franc

A recipe by late Pál Debreczeni

We have already posted recipes by ladies, for example Kata Zsirai and Krisztina Csetvei. What is common in these two girls is that they are both featured in a book called „Gyengébb?Nem!” – a book with great female winemakers and their favourite recipes. The reason for mentioning this book again is that soon there will be a tasting with many of the characters of the book in the city of Székesfehérvár on 17 November. The tasting organised by Barrique Wine Club will present exhibitors from all over Hungary, let us mention just some names from the list: Babarczi Winery from Pannonhalma, Csetvei Cellar from Mór, Etyeki Kúria from Etyek, Sanzon Tokaj from Tokaj and Vylyan from Villány. To make our readers „get into mood” for the wine tasting, and because November is high timet o eat spicy, juicy venison, we will share another recipe from the book, whose author, Edit Szabó will also be present at the event. The below written recipe was often practiced by late Pál Debreczeni, the founder of Vylyan Vineyard and Winery. Though many years have passed since his sudden death, his family often makes this festive meal. Mónika Debreczeni, the head of the winery is glad to share this recipe with us.


1.5 kg venison (roe, deer, wild boar,
0.15 kg fatty bacon
0.15 kg smoked meaty bacon
2–3 tbs fat (mangalitza fat is the best)
2 bulbs of garlic
4 medium onions, chopped
2-3 carrots cut into columns
2-3 turnips cut into columns
3 green peppers, sliced
3 tomatoes, sliced
¼ celery, sliced
0.25 kg mushrooms cut into halves
mix of spices (bay, cinnamon, pepper, rosemary, thyme)
bay leaves
4 potatoes
whole pepper, salt
0.3 l red wine


  • Lard the venison with the fatty bacon and garlic, rub it with the spices and lay it in a tray spreaded with mangalitza fat. Leave it overnight.
  • Slice the smoked bacon, lay the slices in a baking tray, place the venison on the sliced bacon, and lay some slices on the top of the meat as well.
  • Add all the sliced vegetables (onions, about 4 cloves of garlic, carrot, turnip, potato, tomato, green pepper), the bay leaves and the pepper, too.
  • Pour the wine on it diluted with some water (Mónika Debreczeni uses Vylyan Ördög), cover it with foil and bake it as long as it is needed – according to the type of venison, at least for 2–3 hours.
  • When the meat needle gets into the meat smoothly, take it out from the vegetables and grill it for a while to obtain some colour.
  • The intact vegetables can serve as garnish, while the overcooked vegetables should be made puree and served with the venison as well.
  • With potato doughnuts it will be the favourite of the kids, too.

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