The suitcase of a gentleman

Eszterbauer Winery from Szekszárd has created some catchy wine containers. Certainly the boxes would not be worth much without the high quality of their wines, but thank god the constellation is perfect: great wines in great packaging. The carboard box for a single bottle follows the theme of the wine labels: idyllic black and white photos of the present owners ancestors. The forefathers and long time ago passed away relatives are depicted during harvest, cellar work or celebrating, and with the help of these photos Eszterbauer wines are easy to recognize. The wooden box for three wines is durable and due to its handle it is easy to carry. As for the wines, János Eszterbauer is a master of Kadarka grape, he invested a lot in research and his efforts are rewarding. Sógor Kadarka is definitely one of the best price–value Kadarkas of Hungary. „This Kadarka is meant for every day with its primary aromas. Light, spicy and its acidity is in perfect harmony with all the other ingredients. The nose is intensely spicy, deep and complex. On the palate the same spiciness takes the lead accompanied by beautiful, fresh, crispy red berries. Easy drinking summer refreshment that reminds us sour cherry syrup.”
The boxes and the wines are available from Eszterbauer webshop.


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