The SuperPinks: 3 Champion Rosé Wines

  1. Lajver Rosé Cuvée, Szekszárd
Hungarian wine trade magazine called ‘Bor és Piac’ (Wine and Market) has released the results of their rosé panel tasting: out of 90 wines Lajver Rosé Cuvée 2019 is the winner from Szekszárd wine region. The same wine is among the top rosés of another wine magazine called VinCE. The wine is a blend made of 48% Kékfrankos, 21% Zweigelt, 16.5% Syrah and 14.5 % Merlot. After careful manual bunch selection and controlled fermentation the wines were matured by the variety, and then blended to achieve the optimal result. “Ripe raspberry, freshly picked from the prickly bush and its juices dripping. There’s a slight trace of caramelised sugar behind the fruitiness which only makes it more endearing and friendly. This returns in the taste as the impulsive acidic character and the creamy feel of alcohol, the fresh fruitiness and suave, sweetish flavour interplay. A slight effervescence has remained in it, it is still fresh after the second sip, the fruitiness is crisp, it tastes good on the tongue and when one takes the next draught.”




  1. Heumann Rosé, Villány
The second best rosé of the above mentioned VinCE Magazine May issue panel tasting is this Kékfrankos–Syrah blend made by Heumann Winery, Villány. As the judges say: “Fresh, elegant, intense nose with cherry, raspberry, a lot of strawberry and some subtle spiciness. Fuller body, silky texture. Juicy, fruity with with long aftertaste.” The Swiss–German couple have become ‘locals’ due to their passion for their vineyards: “Wine is our passion and dedication, quality the overall maxim. This mission statement determines each step in producing our wines – starting from the work in the vineyard until the wine is in the bottle. Our aim is to offer each wine at an optimal quality at a reasonable price. We want to reach this et al also by maintaining a deferential and friendly contact with our customers, employees and suppliers.” Well said:)
  1. Tűzkő Banka Rosé, Tolna
This rosé is one our our ( favourite ones, first of all because of the variety. It is not so common to make rosé out of 100% Cabernet Franc, and there are even less ones with perfect varietal character. The grape was gently pressed and the fermentation took place at low temperature to capture the fruity and spicy character of the variety. Tűzkő Banka is a vivacious wine full of spices and red berry fruits accompanied by some herbal notes. The aftertaste is slightly bitter, but enjoayble. This is an ideal food rosé, due to its body, creamy texture, its slightly elevated alcohol, vibrant acidity and complexity it is suitable to be paired with poultry dishes, summer grill plates, complex salads. As for the name, Banka stands for the bird on the label. ‘Búbos banka’ (Upupa epops) is a beautiful bird, protected in Hungary, typical around Tűzkő Estate, in the charming hilly region of Tolna. (You can listen to its song here).
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